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    Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    I am so busy

    For the past few days, I was so busy, hardly get some time to breath properly. I have pile of Chinese Drama Series that I borrowed from my cousin but they remain in my bag collecting dust. 


    I went back to Klang on Saturday after like GodKnowsHow many weeks I have ignored my cousins for Goodness babies. I had some Bak Kut Teh, obviously my Aunt's restaurant whereby I ate for free. I finally got my Cambodian maid. To my surprise, she can speak decent English, thanks GOD! Beside that, I find she is a little bit smarter than my previous maid who went crazy and took out a knife while I was on confinement. 

    The very next day, I brought my babies to have a triple antigen injection. I have then found my two daughter having teeth not just for the lower central incisors but also the upper central incisors. Gosh, 4 teeth at a time, no wonder they have been refusing milk.

    Since they are now 4 months old, I have been feeding them some can solid food. They love banana and mango. I tried my little one with banana and apricot, it seems like she prefer banana and mango more.

    Yeap, I am now free because I no longer doing the housework. But I am still taking care of my
    babies until my maid's Fomema out. At the time being, I do not allow her to touch my babies. Although I do not need to do any housework, but taking care of a pair of twins is sucking up my energy as they are teething. Beside, I am now cooking everyday. So, see, I am back to busy mummy again!

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