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    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Michael Jackson T-shirt!


    I am doing a favour for somebody, yes, a volunteer, a no profit organisation just from Jady (ok that's a joke, I am not an organisation!)

    Basically someone wanted to clear all these T-shirt and are not selling for RM12!! only RM12!! I mean your pajamas probably cost more than that. It is obvious a bargain selling at cost.

    Sizes available are M,L,XL,XXL and XXXL. The M size are relatively small and can fit me. I mean me with the waist of 25 inches? or 26 inches whatever it is never bother about that before.

    Real retail price are RM50 and above. If you buy in bulk and sell them to your friend, you can earn more $$$$. The delivery cost is RM5 for register mail. COD if the purchase is more than RM100. Accept any payment, bank transfer, T/T, cheque (of course will only send it to you once cheque cleared), paypal and cash.

    Colours that are available as below:


    If you are interested, please contact me at


    1. Wow, so cheap. Does the XXXL cost the same too?

    2. @Thristhan Yes, it is the same.

    3. Ok great, by the way it says that you're currently in Bristol, you're based there? I used to do my o'levels there a few years back :). Can you email me your maybank details to, interested in the black tee.


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!