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    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Nanged you, Nang me back!

    No more drooling baby this time!

    What is the Nuffnang chatbox suppose to be? Common sense tells me that chatbox = a box for chatting and communication with the nuffnangers. Sadly, or happily, we are more enjoying telling the nuffnangers 'click to the left' or 'I have just updated' or worst 'nang me, I'll nang you back'. Ahem sounded just like me? Yea, once in awhile. It is a trend that must follow. Why did I said so?

    Everyone out there including the founder of this blog wants to be on the top post of the innit. First of all, if you nang other, they nang you back. Fair enough, 1-1 and is a way of doing PR among the nuffnangers. Don't believe me? Believe it. If you wish to have your post at the top of innit, all you have to do is COMMUNICATION with the nuffnangers. That's why the chatbox are for, no?

    The more nang you got, the higher chance you will get to the top or at least you will stay at somewhere the most popular post. Obviously you will be able to generate more traffic. People often mistaken generating more traffic means more income. WRONG! Less traffic but more click generate more income. Don't get me? Read more about CTR and you will understand. Ok, I am wrong again, more traffic = the probability of people clicking on your advert

    By looking at my last blog, we all know that the pay gonna be really slow. Earning RM50 is like squeezing the last drop of juice from the squeezed orange. We all want to be like the next XiaXue, Cheesie, Kenny Sia and etc not for the fame but the easy $$$$, yes? 

    Thanks for reading my confusing post, my advise to you is to chat more on the chatbox. You'll see the different!

    P.S. I am so confuse writing this post because I was feeding baby, typing, feeding baby again, typing again and now I lost my inspiration. My babies.... ahhhh.... hell knows!


    1. oh just saying nang me wun get you anywhere, i guess. you'd need to actually socialise, and give a reason for the other nuffies to like you enough to support your post. not the best way to select for the best top 10 posts, but what to do... the system is messed up, haha


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!