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    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    New Innit... I hate you!

    1. I really hate the new innit system. Yesterday, I wasted 30 minutes of my life trying to figure out how come, I am not log in after I typed in my email address and password for trillion times.

    2. I then have to spend another 30 minute figuring out where is the ADD NEW POST button.

    3. The voting system is so confusing that a million old post is still on the feature top 10 innit. The same people you will see VINCE92 the vincent, Munn, LamHooiNee, Tulanic Tolanic and etc. How about us? We all fighting to get into top 10 too. FML.

    4. Less people get on innit chatbox now because they place it at the bottom of the page, blind people like us, just couldn't spot it until GodKnowsWhen! Less people online means no nang.

    5. Nuffnang just paid so much money for designer from India, Cambodia, Laos I don't know where to design such confusing and dim colouring making me go blind.

    Overall, new innit screwed my life! Can someone volunteer to design a better page for all of us? Please, just for my future happiness.


    1. LOL!!! i almost gone mad too becasue i cant log in
      but in the end i know what is the problem
      are u using google chrome when u wanna log in?
      U can't log in with google chrome
      Try using mozilla firefox =)

    2. @Jeps, thanks for visiting and agree with me.

      @Adrian, I know how can they not compatible with Google Chrome? it seems like a trend now everyone is using Google Chrome.

    3. yeah me too I can't even login the whole day yesterday....

    4. LOL, i just made a post about nuffnang innit new website too.It's confusing. I prefer the old one. Straight forward and direct.

    5. wahaha.. I AGREE!!

      It took me awhile (not half hour though) to find the 'add new post'button.. and i don't like the layout.. but i guess, we just have to learn to adapt to these changes..

      just like when msn changed it's layout.. n FB.. n now.. innit


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!