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    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Nuffnang paid!

    Help!!! I need to get paid!!! MY babies' diaper money!!! Ok, RM50 won't have any help on babies' diaper. More like I want my first nuffnang paid! Who don't? i have been waiting for a year now and hasn't get my first paid. My laziness contribute to my late payment I have to agree but look, I have been working hard as well. I am now writing while feeding my babies. Yes, women can be multitasking! Curious about my current balance? No?

    This pretty much tells that I must work harder... lol... baby diaper money!! 


    1. well.. traffic would help i guess? =)

    2. @Ken welcome back. and come more often to generate more traffic for me. Buy you teh tarik once i got my first paid. DHL teh tarik for you.

    3. Congrats! Keep it up and you'll get there.

    4. Continue to work on your traffic and you will get paid sooner.


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!