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    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Parcel Arrive!

    My parcel from Winn has finally arrive. Lousy Royalmail/Pos Malaysia it took 3 freaking months to reach to us!! 3 months!!! I thought the postman have lost it and thanks God we got it after 3 freaking months. I wasn't thinking much when I asked Winn to buy those baby clothes for me. I should have bought something like 3-6 months or probably 12-18 months taking late delivery into consideration. All the clothes I receive is NB stands for newborn. Yea, pretty much they gonna wear it for like 6 times or 0 times before I'll pass it to GodKnowsWho. Here's what I bought for them, mostly from Pumkin Patch:

    #1 Want my address? Hehe!

    #2 Bought lots of winter wear cos I planned to go back to UK

    #3 Lots of piank colour for the babies

    #4 Accessories: wrap,  socks, hat, bibs and sleeping gown

    #5 Lots of baby pants as well. Love baby blue!

    #6 Alicia with the ear hat.

    #7 Alison with the ear hat

    #8 Who looks cuter?

    And finally, thank you so much to Aunty Winn who gave them two little bangle for their full moon present (over already long time ago T_T)

    #9 Fullmoon bangle nice?


    1. @vampire means they are both equally cute? haha

    2. Father of twins like this blog

    3. wow.. 3 months is really long! i'd be pissed as well.. cute outfits btw.. =)

    4. @Ken Yea, at least you know how I feel.


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