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    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    TeaBreak with Krispy Kreme

    The yummy crispy donuts coated with a thin layer of sugar, Krispy Kreme, my all time favourite donut is now having a PROMOTION. BUY ONE DOZEN GET HALF A DOZEN FOR FREE. Eating the donut brings back my good memories at Victoria Station. Feeling nostalgic. I had wonderful four years in UK. My first Krispy Kreme was bought from Victoria Station which later become my frequent stop-by-station to buy Krispy Kreme. During my fourth year in UK, I had my own car and no longer use public transportation to travel to London therefore, I had two years of being deprive from having this delicious donut. I am glad that I passed by Krispy Kreme shop today in Mid-Valley and grabbed 18 pieces of donut.

    My hubby and I share a brief moment together eating Krispy Kreme while he told me how he almost got into accident today. Scary... We had Krispy Kreme for dinner also. I am imagining myself having Krispy Kreme for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner for tomorrow.... FML betul betul!

    #1 My choice of a dozen of Krispy Kreme

    #2 This batch is free!

    #3 Alicia expression watching us eating

    So, go get your Krispy Kreme and enjoy!


    1. Alicia is apparently drooling over the doughnuts! =D

    2. @Dewi and Vin, you guys don't know how it feels when you can't eat a donut but it looks yummy when your mom and dad is having it.

    3. @M-Knight is MINE. Oh god I wish you guys know how noisy they are now

    4. haha... the donuts must be so delicious until even the baby feels like eating it... :P

      Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

    5. The doughnut is too sweet for me =(

    6. hungry... yummy... krispykreme is indeed one of the finest doughnut around!

    7. @Lukey I agree with you
      @Tolanic you sounds like you are a diabetic old man
      @Simon indeed indeed!

    8. I don’t have diabetis. Just I don’t like too sweet. Prefer something less sweet like Big Apple. =)

    9. @tolanic Same same la... potatoes and tomatoes.


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