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    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    Bon Odori の Delicious


    I suppose to go to BON ODORI, the festival that I am longing for after being deprive for 4 years in UK. I prepared my favourite YUKATA, and matching SASH but..... I DIDN'T GO!!!

     I ended up in DELICIOUS for lunch. Yea it was a lunch. After lunch can't I go? Nope. We had a 6 hours lunch. 6 HOURS LUNCH! Who on the earth could have lunch for 6 hours from 1pm - 7pm? By the time I came home, I have already exhausted and have the CAN'T BE BOTHER mode. 

    Meeting my husband's friend who just came back from US and whose the one who claimed that my husband has not contacted him for freaking 2 years. I guess for the 2 years time frame, they have really miss out each other's life and hence come on, 6 hours is nothing comparing 2 years. They talk from girls, to friends, to Ferrari, Aston Martin, and then the father whose just landed came over to join us. The moment he heard about me studied Property Management, we start talking about properties in Malaysia and the story go on and on. I enjoy the dinner lunch  so much (at least I met someone that can make me talk 6 hours) and we had a great meal. And my babies enjoy their milk too!

    #1 Watermelon I guess?

    #2 My favourite at all time, Morocco Peppermint Tea


    #3 Starter, Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad

    #4 Nasi Kelabu

    #5 Spaghetti with Bacon

    #6 Brownie

    #7 Banana Cake

    #8 Alison

    #9 Again, playing with herself

    #10 A decent picture of her

    #11 Alicia being caught in her sport car.

    #12 Alison with her hair band


    1. hey, i'm a big fan of mint tea too! but then again, i like anything that has mint in it :D

    2. @Kok, give me a five! I love anything with mint to. I bet with you, you like After Eight chocolate!

    3. aiya.. thought can see pictures at bon odori..
      btw the baby girl is cute

    4. @Kwong... I didn't mislead you! and my babies are cute.

    5. **foot print**
      Alicia is such a cutie..
      Anyway nanged n clicked on ur adv..
      Thanks for ur nanged ^^

    6. I suppose to go to Bon Odori too, but suddenly got other plan. =(


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!