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    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Yukata fair and Bon Odori!

    How I wish I am now in Penang!

    There's yukata fair in Queensbay Jusco from 9th July to 18th July. If you are living in Penang, and are going for Bon Odori, get yourself a new yukata from Queensbay Jusco now!!. The price of a yukata starts from RM129 including Obi as well. Cheaper than you buy it from Japan, I would say. Kids yukata also available. 

    I have a 6 sets of YUKATA collection and a Kimono which cost me around RM4k by the time I bought. I should blog about my yukata next time. 

    I can't wait till this saturday!! I want to join my first Bon Odori in Malaysia. 

    If you are living in Penang, the Bon Odori is on 17th July 2010 in Esplanade while the Shah Alam's is in Panasonic Sport Center.


    1. Cannot wait to go to this event.

    2. Meh, can't go, got other plans. Sounds awesome though!

    3. @Tolanic Me too!

      @Black Jeopardy Too bad! I'll blog about it if I am going.

    4. @jfook yeap! can't wait to show off my yukata... lol..

    5. i been to one back in 2008.. in shah alam..
      that's the only one so far..
      quite an experience.. =)

    6. @ken Everyone is making me to have the 'can't wait' feeling!!


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!