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    Monday, August 9, 2010

    Alicia: I'll protect my meimei!'

    I finally get used to the new innit (cos it finally works on google chrome). In fact I am in love with it now. Remembering those times when I rant about the new innit and I almost kill NUFFNANG for changing the new system. Thanks God that I am able to adapt to new things quickly. I have just made some small changes to my blog. If you can see on the side of my blog has got Facebook page. Yes, I have added a page just for my fans and innit friend who'll like to contact me on FB. Just click on the 'like' button and you will get updates from FB. Thank you for all the innit friends' support and motivations.


    This is breaking news!!! I saw both my princesses kissed. Over the past few months I have been teaching both of them how to love each other and I train them how to kiss each other. I want them to learn how grow up together with love and care from each other which is very important. I realize every time when I put them closely together, they tend to push each other away which hurt me a lot. And this time, I tried it again when Alison was crying, I put Alicia on top of her. I can see how the elder sister touch her sister and care for her sister and even kissed her. You know what, Alison immediately stop crying and she then speak to her sister in BABY LANGUAGE. Wow... that's amazing isn't it??? I managed to snap all these picture just in time to show you guys.

    #1 Meimei why you cry?

    #2 Tell Jiejie why you cry?

    #3 You blocked my nose!

    #4 Sorry, I kiss you!

    #5 Hehe... see, meimei not crying anymore!

    #6 Don't cry anymore, ok, promise?

    #7 Come, jiejie protect you. 'YOU DON'T HARM MY MEIMEI!'


    1. so cute..... :) how old your little princesses? twins?

    2. there's a Chinese tradition saying babies who doesn't know how to speak yet cannot kiss each other mouth to mouth..

      but depends on u whether u r superstitious or not :)

    3. aww. both of them are so adorable :D

    4. I don't WANNA SEE... *eyes closed !

    5. lol i thought who make love, yuan lai are yr babies -.- girl and girl, haha very dangerous de loh

    6. hahahaha what the ..Beep

      awesome-ness MAXIMUM CUTE !

    7. hahaha super duper cute!!!! :D


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