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    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    Alison oh Alison

    Thank you so much for all the well wishes to Alison. Yes, she is much better now. Or at least I shall say she drink more milk than before now. I don't know what happened. It is weird. I guess, is due to the ghost festival now.

    I have been MIA, and I know lots of people on innit might be asking where am I now and what had happened to me, especially Ronnie, thank you so much. I was in Klang for 4 days. On Friday, I drove my babies and maid down to Klang. Not paying anyone a visit but to go to physic. I can't bare with Alison not drink milk and kept crying especially at night. Apparently Alison is just like her mummy, she is extra ordinary baby. She can feel.... And probably scared as well.

    I cried, cos my little Alison cry so much and refuse to drink milk. My aunty then asked me to kneel after the Indian God that she prays to and she pray for me. The very next day, Alison begins to drink more milk than usual. Although she still crying occasionally now, I don't really mind as long as she drink her milk. We stay in Klang for a few days to make sure she is alright before we come back to Klang.


    1. yes..u must believe in those Gods...they really do bring miracle !
      Muar also got one sifu that is good at this

    2. sometimes really not until u did it and u jz gotta believe it.

    3. oh..Alison~ dun cry oh..ur mummy need some rest too!


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