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    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Alison the sick baby

    Alison oh my Alison. She is still not feeling well, the mummy thinks. I am not sure if I am over sensitive? Or am I just like her daddy who makes the doctor laugh after looking at my baby Alicia's small tiny insect bite spot. In the end, we spend RM25 over a tiny mosquito bite on Alicia's face. Come back to Alison's story, I am still not sure if from the beginning she has a flu. What happened was last Sunday when both me and hubby was ill, Alison makes so much noises and stream crying in the middle of night for 1-2 hours. That scare the shit out of me. I did pray (to Buddha of course) and the miracle happened, she stop crying and when to bed peacefully. The very next day, I reckon she has got flu cos she seems to have mucus stuck in her noise for a day. I couldn't suck it out (not with my mouth, I bought a nostril sucker) and thought that she could be having flu. I her temperature measured but is only 35.6 degrees. Shit! What's going on?

    We then brought her to see a GP, I think he almost laugh also cos no fever and why this mummy so over conscious. Maybe is just me. I am over paranoid sometimes. Guess what, 3 days passed and these 3 days, I can still see my baby laugh and smile when all the while I thought it is a serious shit. Is she doing it on purpose so that she get the attention she wants? Now, we left our Alicia with the maid so that she is free from sickness. I made myself, Alfred and the maid to wear mask inside the house and even when we go out with Alison. Bad thing about Malaysia is that no one cares to wear a mask when they are ill. Hence, everyone around look at me as if I am a big monster from KL. God damn it!

    Anyway, thanks for friends and inniters who cares about me, I am much better now. Jumping and kicking. But I am still taking care of my youngest one and hopefully she is alright. I am still putting her under medication for safety purpose.


    1. well, take care... and don't fall ill kay...
      Best wishes..

    2. Jady dear sorry i am not good in this but i sincerely hope thats he will get better soon

      you are an awesome mum :)

    3. Hmm... I'm not the right person to give any opinnion but... get well soon...

    4. Jady u mentioned u try to suck it out the mucus from ur baby nose?

    5. Jady, being a mother aint easy. Hope u can get through this moment with a healthy Allison. =)
      Maybe in years to come we will seek ur advice on how to take care a baby ^^


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