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    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    My aims in life

    Nowadays that I am not working, it feels like I have no aim in life but in actual fact, I do have my aims. I have things that I want to achieve and I must achieve. These are the basic aims in my life that I will want to achieve in my life.

    1. A job in a month time

    2. Get a Malaysian credit card hoho! I got 2 now!

    3. Get a current account

    4. Have net income of RM3,000 at least every month (cos I have some installment to payoff)

    5. Aim for at least RM5,000 in 1 year time

    6. Think of a better business plan for the next coming 3 years time.

    7. Payoff my car loan in 2 years time.

    8. Sending my kids to Taipei International Kindergarten School (or at least a good private Kindergarten) in 4 years time.

    9. Buy my very first home by next year and move in into the house in 2 years time (including renovation).

    10. Design my own home.

    11. Send my kids to a good well known international school in 7 years time.

    12. Earn my very first million before my thirty. (This is very difficult for me right now considering I have not secure a job yet but no harm trying)

    13.Going back to UK in 19 years time and settle down there. (Hopefully)

    These are only my basic aims and will update my luxury aims next time.

    14. Pass my probation period (11th February 2011)

    15. Complete my log in for 2 years (complete in 2013)

    16. Pass my TPC


    1. Wa very realistic aims, good good! All the best! =D

    2. Thanks vincent. I'll work hard on it!

    3. Wow, gambateh! I know you can achieve it all! Good luck, gal! ^^

    4. Hey Jady, why send your kids to Taipei International Kindergarden School ??? Anyway, goodluck in your aims.

    5. It's good to have aims in life. Work hard (:

    6. wish you the best of luck then!


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