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    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    My curly hair

    I went down to Klang two days ago to get my hair permed. I have digital perm this time and before this, I had so many different types of hair perm that I forgotten which is which. If you have my FB you can see most of my hairstyle in my pictures when I was in UK was curly. I did that because I were lazy to get my hair cut in UK and hair cut in UK is ridiculously expensive. Not now, I mean 5 years ago when pound was Rm 7.50 = GBP1.

    I got my cousin to snap a picture of me while the lady did the curl for me. P.s. I hate the curler, it is very heavy and very hot. But good thing it only takes about 7 minutes of heat but the rest took me about 2 hours, washing, applying chemical and etc.

    LOOK, that's me!

    I have to hunch a little cos I feel like my head is dropping.

    Want to see the result? Next time cos I haven't get my hair coloured it look awful now.


    1. mana?? tak sabar wana see ur new hairdo

    2. Jady... u should walk around with those stuff still hanging on your hair..!! Fuah !!!

    3. I love your blog's layout! So chic and sweet~ XD

    4. Wanna see the outcome! :) No prob, still looking gorgeous.


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!