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    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    My First Malaysian Credit Card

    As I mention before, I have just my credit card application approval. I collected my credit card yesterday and very proud to show off. I haven't apply for any job at all, neither do I have my income tax form to show that I am producing any income. However, I got my credit card, YAHOO!!! No, it is not subsidiary credit card from my hubby, it is main credit card from myself. And.... it is not classic, is it GOLD.

    How do I do it? I am not sure, they probably see my income statement and I have some money comes into my account every month. I think that's the reason.

    Now, it is time to show OFF!!

    And now, it is time to throw away my old credit card. They are sub card btw. YES!


    1. Credit card designs nowadays are getting simpler.

    2. hey, so nice having sub-cards from your hubby... so he pays for everything mah... why throw away them !

    3. hey jady.. can let me swipe some ar?????

    4. You might need your supplementary credit cards.


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