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    Friday, August 6, 2010

    My new GUCCI bag

    After so many whines, my post finally went on top 10 innit yesterday for the first time after they change to the suckie beautiful new innit.

    I told you that I am going to look for job and stop procrastinating. No, it doesn't work yesterday and I am going try it again today.

    Yesterday was a fabulous day. I went to Central Plaza and get my hubby watch repaired. Since Pavillion is just next door, I went there for 2 hours, have my dinner with my hubby and then I went shopping with my maid leaving my hubby to do his work. One thing about women is they can't resist sales. S.A.L.E.S is a really strong marketing point to use on women. Yes, I bought something *found my guilt* and *sighzz* spend about RM2,000. I know you guys must be dying to know what I bought for RM2000. Those who chat with me on innit yesterday should have knew it.

    #1 TADA!!! my new GUCCI bag

    And here are the random accessories that I bought from Accessorize  

    #2 My new bracelet

    #3 My oversize ring

    #4 I love this cos is butter-fly

    And don't ask how many GUCCI I have, won't tell you!


    1. wahhhhh , if i have extra 2k now i will get a DSLR

      rock on girl ! the Gucci bag will worth every single cent trust me, haha luckyner

      i satu Gucci pun takda

      the butterfly chain is so pretty

    2. so this is d gucci u saying... xP lol

    3. With RM2,000 I would go for a holiday. This time in Bali!

    4. @vampire, I know, I love Gucci
      @Chloe, yes this is the one.
      @Home Sweet Dreams, I have been to many countries already including Bali and with RM2000 can get me anywhere now.

    5. expensive stuff.. but it's definitely for the ladies.. =P

    6. @ken... it is expensive but I am a women! what to do?


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!