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    Sunday, August 8, 2010

    Our Innit Friend say

    Lam Hooi Nee, our friend on innit said 'I'll marry you if you have Lamborghini.'
    No, that's not what she said but it is rhythmic when I say LAMHOOINEE and LAMBORGHINI

    I had a good chat with my fellow innit friends yesterday. In fact, the most exciting topic ever, everyone answer me as fast as lighting. After three hours of chatting with them, I can barely lift up my hand neither did I able to lift both my hands straight up. Thanks to my innit friends.

    Yesterday's hot topic was about sex. It was all begun with hooi nee wants my babies and simon want me to give birth more. And they all brought me up to Mount Fuji, And then to the Scandinavia, but they never bring me back to Malaysia. Poor me, hanging there answering all the sex questions.

    Good thing, we discover a lot from our innit friend, Hooi Nee, she is the most experience person you can ever talk to. Yea, very experience. Don't ask me if she is v, none of us know about it (or pretend not to know about it).

    After many of them leave the conversation, HooiNee, Ronnie and I have sort of a deep talk. And I do think she makes a lot of sense but Ronnie disagree about it. She told me that her family wants her to marry to someone that have same family background as her. I do partly agree about it. Sometimes background gap can be a hell to a couple. Especially when with love it just can't last. You know what I mean. For example, if you date a guy who is less well off than you, do not have the chance to study as high as you, you probably have communication problem with him. His mentality and yours will be totally different. When a couple stop communication, there it starts the problem. That's what I think. Love is not everything after all but love is blind (temporary).

    On top of that, in laws problem will always arise. The wars between in laws will never ends, NEVER, not until they are all dead .... and we do not wish to have this happen, not at all. If you are having a happier family than I do (without in law wars) that is a LIE. I know everyone has it, it is only a matter of how bad it is.

    So, if you have a Lamborghini and you are single, (you may consider) LAM HOOI NEE. I am her secretary.  Contact me to arrange for appointment.


    1. I still disagree with that !!
      The rich for the about the poor... becomes a pauper forever ?

      So Jady, I know u married a rich guy !! CONGRATS to you !

    2. oh well, we can't fight social stratification

      Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

    3. lol fun conversation. Too bad I missed out on it haha.


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