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    Monday, August 2, 2010

    What's all about the EU & US

    I don't usually wake up this early in the morning to update my blog. I certainly do not like to wake up early but I did wake up at 4 am this morning. Big thanks to my youngest daughter, Alison the Elephant who cried and woke me up. I had mild bad insomnia for the past couple of days. Probably due to my sleeping disorder. Will get something from the pharmacist today hopefully, there is something to cure insomnia.  

    End of update

    Last Sunday, I had a great time with my hubby talking about the EU and US. Throughout the conversation, I realise some stupid mistake the EU government did to cause partial of the global crisis today. 

    1. EU was formed to centralize the Europe as a single market, the free trade among the EU countries. Free trade is to allow the trader to trade without interfere from the governments. It suppose to increase the GDP of the countries as well as helping each other in the EU countries (in short explaination). However, the EU government failed to consider the economy and political stability of the countries before recruit these countries. In which they have not foreseen the Greece's future economy.

    2. There is no way you can use single currency for all these 27 countries for the difference economies and difference policies being used by the countries. Have they even thought about the cost of living and the previous value of their currency? Hence, now we know why the smart Britain did not wants to change their then strong pound sterling to Euro. And what if the country has very high inflation rate? Will another country like ZIMBABWE?

    3.  Have they really look into these 27 countries? It is not like joining a club, more members, the more profitable the club rather than the more countries are joining, the more complicated the policies (either fiscal or monetary) can be. Some of these 27 countries has got high unemployment and poverty rate. I am not being discriminative but it is common sense that these countries will take advantage of the country which is richer in term of economy. Ex. Polish cross over to the GB to work. Thus, the economy welfare will be ripped off by the poorer countries.


    On the other hand, what US have done to us during the downfall of the economy? China have been trying to save as much energy as possible. Even country like Malaysia which have long time been practicing I-CAN'T-BE-BOTHERED attitude, have swap to the green recently. Huge thanks to the BP, by now, you shall never choose your favourite car to buy. Rather, you shall choose the car with the best energy option. And dear technology inverter, be prepare for your challenge. Before you invent something else, THINK of energy sustainability - no more oil in the future.  

    What do you think? I might be wrong but I stand firm on blaming it all to the BP. Why now??!!

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    1. Hi Jady,
      well, when i was debating last time,the favorite motion of all time will be EU,US,JAPAN,WAR,energy sustainability, health related motions, nuclear, Food crisis,relgion, and etc.So i read something about the EU model last time.

      EU,no doubt is a model develop to share within the 27 countries and they are known as European Countries which using EURO to trade among them. Well, i am not very sure about FREE TRADE VS FREE MARKET.i think both things are different. So EU practices free trade where the government cannot interfere on the trade between EU countries. by developing this EU, they claim that it can help the less develop countries in EU to be more develop, to share the same currency among them. EU has standardised LAW that ensure the free movement of people, goods, sevices and capital (the four things that they claim that can help to develop those less develop countries that joined EU).but so far only 16 EU countries that using this EURO and they named the EURO Zone.However, when we see the physical development of each EU countries, it varies each of them.

      I comment something about the UK pound. YEah, UK's pound supposed to be higher in currency.that's why UK joined the EU but UK didn't really use EURO to trade. but UK is accepted in EU.


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!