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    Tuesday, September 7, 2010


    Hanoi Trip post on hold because I have something really important to say. Before I could say anything please watch the following video.

    I quite like the video after I look at it yesterday. I find that TV3 deliver the message of 1Malaysia. First of all right here, I am not trying to fight for equal rights. If you read the comments posted on YouTube, it is disgusting how people insult Non-Malays. Aren't we just human? Besides, we are Malaysian, the country that is far better than Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and etc (at least people in Malaysia to not go to other country to be a maid), why can't we stand by together to fight for Human Rights. Yes, equal Human Right as whole. If we have Human Rights, women are less likely to be tortured, no dumping babies as people are more alert of the rights of a baby, no animal abuse and etc. Don't you want all these as well? Does it not benefit you? No? Think again! Employee have better rights when a country practice Human Rights. Yea, our country is now 53 years old but why do we still do not have strong Human Rights over here to protect each of us? Think again! That's because we are not together to fight for it. In addition to it, I should think that this country will be better of in terms of economy if the politician concentrate more on the GDP growth of the country rather than the dramas. This same goes with the citizens. If concentrate more on our own career by working hard, I bet with you, you can be a millionaire do. Am I right? Is human race that important? It is that important until the fact that the Malays have to say such hurtful things to non-Malays? Think again! At the end of the day when you are a multi-billionaire, does people even ask if you are Malay, Chinese or Indian? The news will just write that you are from Malaysia and that's it. I do know that this short article will not change anything because the misunderstanding is too much to be solve overnight. And here is my blog, that I can write anything I like. I being very polite to all of you no matter you are Chinese, Indian or Malays. Because we are 1 Malaysia but if you want to mess with me on my blog,

    FUCK OFF!!!

    If you still want the country to go backward, go ahead and bitch about the Non-Malays


    1. 1Malaysia is pretty much an overrated political slogan...

    2. im a malay
      but the truth here is... we fight for the named of MUSLIM not malay
      there are lots of malay people out there but not all of them are really muslims
      sorry if some comments from malay makes u feel uncomfortable but we'r trying to save our religion(ISLAM)
      maybe u can google about everything behind that video
      once you read it
      you may think its really ridiculous but its really meant to all muslims
      hope you may understand us


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!