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    Monday, September 20, 2010

    Cruel Mother

    Yesterday afternoon my aunty told me she decided to adopt another 3 years old girl. At that moment, I thought to myself that she would be silly if she adopt another child since she already have adopted a baby boy. I tried to convince my aunty not to adopt as the child already 3 years old and might know who is her parents and who is not. On the day itself, my aunty brought me to meet the little girl and her mother. I expected the mother would be a desperate and haggard looking women as from what I know of, she does not able to bring up her 4 children hence she have 'given' them away.

    To my dismay, she dress up very well, in fact, her top and jeans look new while the poor little was wearing a dirty counterfeit crocs shoes with fade pink colour bare back top and oversize skirt. The girl look so sad as if someone has already told her, what is happening and what gonna happen to her. Her kept telling us how difficult her situation is and hell knows, she has her hair done curly and coloured. I really hate this women so much. My aunty even asked me to read her palm, yea right! The worst thing is she don't even look at the girl when you leave. Hell knows if she would ever regret being cruel?!

    And this little girl is smart enough to know that the mother is gonna abandon her. Very strong girl, she kept her tear until when we shower her. She cried silently. I really admire the fact that my aunty is so generous toward kids who are unfortunate. She have already bought her close to RM800 worth of clothes on the first day the little come over. Like what my aunty say, the little girl 'turn into phoenix overnight'. I really cried when I see how cruel a mother can be. Isn't this is worst than doing an abortion? They are not object that you can just dump it away when you don't feel like it anymore. At least, when you abort them, they will never surfer this pain right now. But still, I think abortion is cruel. What do you think?


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    2. your aunt can adopt me too...!!

    3. @ronnie, you are too rich for my aunty to adopt you.

    4. kesian the girl... y give away her when she decide to give birth instead of abortion!

      is this kind of adoption legal?

    5. That's why I said. It is legal. We are gonna change her name.

    6. What name are you putting ?... Jady Jr.


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