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    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    Dear Readers

    It has been a long time, I haven't been updating about myself. I can't describe in words how I feel. But, recently there are too many incidents that happened in my life that I should not neglect. Paying attention to these matters have made me a busy mummy. First of all, everyone have know about my aunty's incident that had happened a month ago. Yea, it was a month ago, I was very happy when I can finally see my aunty open her both eyes and starter to walk bit by bit. Unfortunately, recently her lymph swell up for not appeal reason, we got conscious and sent her to hospital. I have been running up down to the hospital. Last month, my aunty fainted in her house alone and we found her alive in her house after 3 days. The main reason was due to one of her brain nervous is 'broken' and a major operation has been carried out on the night itself. Thanks for all the well wishes for my aunty, I am sorry for not replying on my blog as I think it would be better if I blog about it.

    Second of all, is my maid who I think she is very lucky to work with me. Although I have a pair of twins, I have to say that my twins are easier to take care of compare to toddlers or kids. The very first day she came and she have decided to eat only Maggie, I asked her why and she told me she wanted to lose weight STUPID! She does not need to do heavy housework, just a minor one such as wash my babies' clothes, fold our clothes on every thursday and sunday (because our part time maid will take care of the rest) and wash my car/ my hubby's car. And of course take care of the babies. She threaten me not once but many times to sent her back or change employer when I scolded her. The very last time, I couldn't take it anymore and sent her back to her agency. After the counseling, she finally understand that she cannot change employer or go back to Cambodia. However, she is still the way she is, STUBBORN! I heard lots and lots of stories about how stubborn a Cambodian maid can be but I couldn't fully feel it for the employers until I meet one. Well, if I continue the story of my maid, it will be as long as my master degree dissertation.  

    Finally, I have my own personal problem which I do not want the whole world to know about it. But I am sure I am strong enough to overcome it. Well, that's all for this post and I'll talk more about my babies the next time.


    1. stay strong and all the best =)

    2. can share your problems with me... you know my email right ??

      Don't let the maid hurt any of you...either mentally or physically !

    3. Thanks.... I am already very strong. Otherwise, I would have hit the maid or kill her.

    4. Be strong... Don't kill your maid later you will be in newspaper headline.


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!