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    Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011

    My car being scratched make me believe in Feng Shui? Nah....
    My friend Win and I were talking about palm reading yesterday and she said I am very accurate and why did I predicted my car will be scratched so that I'll park my car in the pouch instead? 

    I don't know if you notice that in 3 more months 2010 is ending and 2011 is coming. How time flies. In 2008, I can't wait till 2009 as I predicted that 2009, year of Bull will be a good year. Bull represent bullish, which is certainly sounds good to boost your confident. But how well is 2009? Let's see, we have Barack Obama as our first US president, yes he is certainly better than John McCain. McCain was Naval Aviator (army) which means having him as a president encourage more wars. But then nothing improve on the economy side, sterling pound from RM6 dropped to RM5.5. In the same year, we have also lost our king of pop, Michael Jackson. And many airline crash happened.

    So what had happened in 2010 so far? Economy is still not doing well in fact, it is been stagnant in UK and US. But hey, our Malaysia's inflation rate have reduce dramatically. And some feng shui master said Malaysia has got higher chances in doing well next year. Well, common sense tell me that China's production export to US and UK is being limited hence the retailer is looking to buy goods from Malaysia instead. Have you notice lots of earth quake and flood this year?

    The explanation is:

    This year is year of Metal Tiger. Metal is made by earth and melted by fire. Don't forget, Metal carry water (hence the flood) and water dammed up by earth.  Earth = earthquake and Water = flood. Understand? No? Is ok, you don't have to.

    What about next year?
    Ask me personally.


    1. I trusted the bull year but seems that the bull year that brought me down.... lost my wallet, laptop was stolen, lost my camera, business down.... gheez it is a BULLSHIT year !!
      How about 2011 ?...any good opening or opportunity ?

    2. Email me your detail and I'll give you a prediction

    3. Hello Jady! Long time no chat with you. Miss you so much. Last time you read my palm almost 100% accurate. Fuahhh!

    4. I can read your palm so accurately you not afraid later I blog all about your life??? Wakaka... I still keep your palm with me. And hug it to sleep.

    5. so so what about 2011? hahahha m so curious

    6. Haha... I can do a personal prediction for you otherwise please continue to read my next post

    7. Wahaha, you know a lot about my life even a private life. Fuahhh! Btw, I really wish you can help me again. =)

    8. thanks for reading my cute palm haha.

    9. Help me also... can you predict the next Super Toto 6/58 jackpot number....wakakakaka !!!

    10. @NeeNee I miss you too!!!!

      @Ronnie, If I have such a superpower, I would have help myself to it long time ago.

    11. Correction: 2011 is the year of the Metal Rabbit - not wood Rabbit.


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!