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    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    Friend, a very good friend

    Very busy today, haven't got a chance to talk on innit. I just spoke to Merri this afternoon and that's all. Haven't unpack my luggage been rush up down left right to the hospital.

    I receive another parcel from UK today. Very happy. Very very happy indeed.


    About 3 years ago, I met this friend in a library during easter-exam period in UK. She offer me some cookies, I do not even know what's her name at that point in time. She is warm, and very friendly toward me. She is the one who help me out during my wedding in UK. She is the one who have sleepless nights thinking of what to give me for my wedding. Yes, I still keeping the priceless gift in my wardrobe. During my pregnancy in Malaysia, she keep me entertain with magazines and gifts from UK. I have never receive Christmas pressie from post (not even from my mother) before I meet her. And now, I'll always wait for special occasion whereby she will send me cookies and chocolates from UK. She pampered me! and my babies.

    By now, I have receive countless parcels from her for St. Valentine's Day, Christmas, My babies birth day, My babies fullmoon and the list goes on. Have I receive more than 10 now?! Yes, definately, and I have lost my exact count (but I always keep the little notes that she attached to the parcels. And I'll always remember the excitement of waiting for the parcel to arrive. Now, I'll know what a true friend who cherish my family is. A big thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    Here's the content of the parcel:

    #1 So many pretty shirts and dresses for my twins

    #2 And shirts and shorts for my friend's twins

    #3 And shirts and shorts for my aunty's baby

    That's not all.... I scratch my head (with love) when I saw all these....

    #4 My dear friend, do you think I'll starve my babies to dead????!! 
    Or you afraid that I'll turn ugly and Alfred don't want me anymore? (for the masks)

    Yes, that's my friend who scare my baby would not have a blanket and send two blankies from UK for them and now she is afraid that my babies do not have nutrient food when they reach six month old. Yesterday was Alison and Alicia's six months old..... thanks a lot, Win. Best present ever from you, always.


    1. Yea I know. Sherry, please remind me from time to time and slap me if I forget about her. I swear I wouldn't unless she wants me to.

    2. I love cute babies clothes, so cute. Btw, where have you been? O.O

    3. wow she is really a nice fren, do appreciate the friendship ;)

    4. @steve, yes she is sweet, just like me

    5. Wow...a true and nice friend indeed !

    6. @ronnie, yea not like you always angry at ME!


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!