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    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    Hanoi Trip #1

    Was in Klang again for 2 days. This time not because of my babies but my stupid maid who wanted to go back to the agency so badly and so I went down to the agency and let her know what is call 'agent'. Nowadays is not easy to get a good maid. Sighzz.... I should tell my story one day!


    You all must be dying to know my trip to Hanoi. It was fabulous! I mean the shopping. And the scenery. The rest of praises, I'll keep it till 10 years later. Vietnam is still a developing country and hence lots of places are remain conservative. They even bury their dead ancestors on their own paddy field, yea the rice we ate. It sound disgusting but I can tell that you the rice of there taste better, probably the grass is greener on the other side. And maybe not so, the traffic is horrible, you can see less traffic lights but lots of motorcycles and cars which drive ridiculously. What more can I say, they are developing country.

    One thing, I was stunned when I see lots of imported cars such as Honda, Toyota, Mercedes Benz and BMW. Apparently, cars over there are more expensive in price than here. I just wonder if Vietnam have lots of undiscovered billionaires too?

    Here's pictures of the first day. Only the food we ate. I hope that not from the paddy field that I have just mentioned.

    #1 This is our first restaurant in Vietnam

    #2 The France Style entrance of the restaurant.

    #3 The 'lounge' of the restaurant and waitress at the side of the picture

    #4 My favourite, papaya salad

    #5 Unnamed 1

    #6 Unnamed 2

    #7 This is obviously prawn dish but in Vietnamese style.

    We also found out that Vietnamese are quite artistic and here are few painting discovered at the restaurant.
    #8 Painting 1

    #9 Painting 2

    #10 Painting 3

    Stay tune with me.

    Hanoi Trip to be continued....


    1. I think the Unnamed 1 is good right? LOL

    2. imported maids are always like that nowadays!!I believe its not cheap right that u paid the agent!

    3. so the maid already bye bye ??

    4. i wanna try the prawn dish and papaya salad... XD


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!