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    Monday, September 6, 2010

    Hanoi Trip #2

    I have to warn you that in Vietnam, the main religion is Buddhism. We visited tones of ancient temples that built on mountain with poor construction. I am gonna show you one of the temple we went up the mountain, (I didn't went all the way up but my hubby does).

    #1 This is the entrance to the temple, in the middle of the lake.

    #2 Close up look of the entrance

    #3 The lake, full of water lilies (or maybe just the leaves)

    #4 The temple was built on a mountain and extended into a cave

    #5 Inside the cave you could see a big bell whereby the monk will ring when it is time to pray, eat or etc.

    #6 The scenery from the top of the temple.

    Beside temples, we went to a puppet show. The specialty of this show is that it performance on the water hence it is well known as water puppet show. For the first one minute, it is so exciting, my jaw almost drop when I see the show. After I found out the trick how the puppets dance on the water, it became boring and I almost fall asleep. I then turn back and look at the rest of the audience who already fallen asleep. Not worth taking pictures at all but I did take one or two just to show what water puppet show looks like.

    #7 The building of the water puppet show

    #8 Performers who sitting next to the 'lake' singing and playing the instruments.

    #9 The tales of the 4 dragons dancing on the lake.

    Basically, water puppet show tell a lot about legends that happened on the lake in Hanoi, Vietnam but in Vietnamese though T_T.

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    Hanoi Trip to be continued.....


    1. Saw the water puppet on TV before..and very interesting. This is also one of the Amazing Race venue last time.

    2. What beautiful, awesome place! So nice that you get to travel there ^^


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!