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    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Hanoi Trip #4

    Finally!!!! The post that you have been long waiting is here.....

    I am going to bring you to Halong Bay. Halong Bay is very close to China hence, most of the Vietnamese over there can speak decent Mandarin, really makes purchase bargaining easier. What I love the most about the Halong Bay is the sea view, nothing compare to this even Norway. Here's the view from my hotel room window.

    #1 Beautiful isn't it?

    We have a boat ride the next day. Of course, is not something like Star Cruise or whatsoever (I doubt you can even get a cruise over here), it is just a vintage wooden boat. But is cool. Watch all these and you will understand what I mean.

    #2 See, plenty of vintage boats here.

    #3 And this is ours.

    #4 They ride the sampan from boat to boat to sell their goods, mostly food.

    #5 Do you see that? Those are the boats for tourist.

    #6 Our tour guide took a picture for both of us.

    #7 And this is my favourite.

    That's all for Hanoi Trip posts. I finally realize how unadventurous I am when come to taking picture and visiting places. I think, I am just typical women when comes to holiday, best thing to do is to do shopping. Besides, I am so unprepared for the holiday. My memory card run out of memory on the first day itself so both hubby and I have to non-stop deleting unwanted pictures. Sighzzz... better be prepare the next time.

    Vietnam is added in my list now and more to come.

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