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    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    My Aunty

    Dear readers,

    I AM BACK!!!!

    From Hanoi.

    As promised, I have a nice story to tell you. A scary one. But before that, I have a question to ask, do you think life is so unpredictable? Life is so scary isn't it? The big man up there made all the decision on behalf of us. Don't you think so too?


    On the 26th August, I went down to Klang for a short stay. While I was in Klang, my cousin called me up telling me that my aunty, who isn't marry till now, have not been contacting her boyfriend for 4 days now. My cousin also mention it is very suspicious as she herself couldn't get hold of my aunty. And I asked if she have been to her house to check on her (btw, she live alone in a double-storey house) and she said no. I then make an arrangement to go to my aunt's house with my two cousins.

    We reached there and saw her car parked in her porch, and I make an effort to asked the neighbour when did they last saw her and she said Saturday (5 days ago). I begin suspect of something. We made a lot of phone call, asking everyone if they seen my aunt but no one does. Three of us begin to feel horrified and I made the decision to call the police (who got lost before reach my aunt's house). Two policeman came but hesitating whether to break-in my aunt's house or not. The funniest thing is they ask if we are sure that we are her relatives. I answered him that I'll not be an idiot to call a police to help to break-in a house if I am a thief. It took them almost 20 minutes to cut 3 locks off (bare in mind, they are fasting).

    After they able to break all the locks, my cousin brother being a brave hero, ran as fast as possible to my aunt's room and found my aunt laying flat on the floor. She had a high fever, lost consciousness and her body is bruises everywhere. I almost faint, I am very scare. They call the ambulance. The whole house was full with people everywhere, it probably the very first time my aunt has so many guests in her house.

    And now, thanks God, she is alright now. Still hospitalize but she is much better. I broke into tear before I went to Hanoi thinking of the worst thing that could be happened to her. But right now, I should count my blessing instead.

    So do you think that life is unpredictable?


    1. yes jady, life is very unpredictable :)
      i had something good happened on me as well after a bad time ^^
      like i said before, you are awesome <333

    2. Jady..don't tell me it's the same aunt that received the LV cake...!! is unpredictable..... so treasure it !

    3. @merri, thanks. I know a lot about you *wink *wink

      @ronnie, not that one, another one.

    4. @jady, what actually happened to ur aunt..Is she ok now?


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!