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    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    Terrible car scratched

    TADA!!!! I gave my blog a new make up. It is baby blue. I am in the mood for blue again.

    The day before yesterday, I had a nightmare. I dreamt of flood in the area I am currently living. When I woke up I knew something gonna happen to me and it involve money. True enough the next day, my FIL saw my car was badly scratch. I didn't park the car as if it it is my road, I parked it opposite my house and the next thing was my car was scratched. HOW COME???!! I guess someone's car rim must have accidentally hit the side door of my car. The worst thing this fella hit and run and leave his broken plastic proton waja rim. WTH?

    Oh well, my car went for a polish and now it look so handsome already. That's why I think it all has to do with my blog feng shui. Wakaka....


    1. u did not take a photo of your car...?

    2. so sam tong already still want to take a picture. I wanted to swear so badly you know?

    3. looking cloudy.. same as your blog title =)

    4. Nice blog theme to suit your blog title


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!