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    Monday, October 11, 2010

    First day at work

    Yea, first day at work.

    I haven't been sleeping well for yesterday as I am very excited. However, my first day of work wasn't that productive as what I thought it would be. It is rather boring. I have nothing much to do other than waiting for my colleague to teach me but they all seems like very busy. The good thing about my first day of work is that I get to have lunch together with my boss and few clients (bankers).

    I wish I am able to learn more and quickly finish my log in as soon as possible.

    My aims are achievable now. I am thinking of buying my new home next year depending on my progress.

    Anyway, my updates will be very short from now on as I don't even have time to cook and eat with my busy hubby.


    1. congrats to u but take great care of your babies... watcha of your maid and all her moves...

    2. Agree with Ronnie uncle, take care, Jady. :)


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!