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    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Hideous Resume & Covering letter

    I have run out of ideas of what to blog. My life has been pretty much dull recently. Less drama = peaceful? I went on innit the other day and read quite a few of our buddy's palm. I realise myself become less observant. Some blogs that I have been to, but have totally forgotten who they belongs to. But now with new nuffnang feature, I can add them as friend and will automatically send an email to me whenever they updated with new post.

    Well, besides palm reading, I have been looking for jobs. For the past few days, I have been sending out several emails to prospective employers, first none of it has got any reply. I have then look into my covering letters and resume. It is so embarrassing to find that there so many grammar mistake and incomplete sentence. Well, that's not it, I did not even state that I know how to operate computer. The employer must have think that this computer illiterate trying to apply for a post. Have you got the same experience as me? Please share as I would like to know what to do the next.

    After editing the covering letter and resume, I have got 2 companies called up on last friday to fix appointments to interview me tomorrow. (After I have sent out few rubbish covering letters to few big firms T_T). The biggest problem I have here is that I have never apply for a job in a formal way. I got the most job through friends suggestion. Fml this time, seriously. I'll let you know if I got one. And if I ever got one, I think it is worth celebrating it. I am now worrying about my proper entire and my interview questions. FML T_T


    1. Good luck in getting the job you want then (: Best wishes!

    2. Good luck to you !! The force is with you....

    3. Aww Jady, all the best!
      i believe that you'll manage it quite well :)

    4. Good luck in finding a new job. Anyway, I thought you already have Master in Finance from the UK. It should be much easier for you to get the job.

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