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    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    The Interview Outcome

    Been missing for quite sometimes for myself to get ready to....... WORK!!!!

    Thanks for those friends (especially inniters) who have been giving lots of supports before my interview. Especially thanks to Hooi Nee and Ronnie. Yes, I got the job! I actually got 2 job offers and as I making my decision, there is another big company who called up to arrange for interview in which I have later turn down the interview. I sent out my CVs and Coverng letters on Thursday and got call for interview on Monday. That's quick!

     I think they are need more valuers now than before. My position? Assistant Valuer. I need to log in to work for 2 years before I am a certified valuer. Wish me luck in work as my working place is like 45 minutes away from the area that I am staying. And besides, I need to accomplish 40 cases per month which then I have less time for my family and probably less time to blog. Anyhow, I am still glad that I have got the job.


    1. Congratulation! Good luck with your career. =)

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    3. hey... who is taking care of the two baby dolls ???


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!