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    Friday, October 29, 2010

    Kiasu Attitude

    Of Malaysian.

    I admit that I do have the kiasu attitude but not up to this point whereby I'll not let anyone 'cut' into my lane.

    This guy is hilarious. I was fighting through the rush hour to get back home as early as possible so that my hubby can rush to his class on time. Mind you, I live in Seri Kembangan and I'll have to pass by the horse race round about. There is no way I can bypass this most congested route. Anyway, there was this pathetic WAJA broke down in the middle of the road, which was the lane I was driving. I have no choice but to put on my signal, to get into the other lane. On the left mirror, I saw the car was approximately 3 cars away, and being a courtesy lady, I put on my signal and then ONLY I was about to turn to my left. But this kiasu man in his SILVER VIOS just won't let me get my way in. What the guy did was just simple drive as fast as he could to get closer to the car in front rather than being a gentle man. Oh, I was about to wind down the window and  say F*** off to him. Instead, I had just gave him an angry hone and hope he notice my anger. Wakaka...

    Isn't these people silly? They are the cause of accident! My gosh...


    1. some people lack courtesy :)

    2. A horn is exactly what he deserves!

    3. Precisely! I would name these people simple from kampung!


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!