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    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    Maldives Wedding: Foreigner couple mocked and insulted

    I bet this is not something new. A married couple went to Maldives to renew their vow and were mocked and insulted by the Maldives' so celebrant. They thought they are the only Maldive in the world who can understand the language and so have the gut to put it online. What a shame! Just for those that have not watch this video as yet, I have posted this on with subtitle (not by me).

    I can imagine myself being one of the couple, I'll be freaking mad at these people ruining my big day. I would probably sue and curse these people. Mind you Maldive, they spend in your country and hence you got a job to survive. Anyway, they got arrested and Maldives has got new rules and regulation for hotels to meet certain requirement when dealing with marriage and etc. Let's hope that this will not happen anymore (especially to us).


    1. just wondering.. is the translation correct? =/

    2. I would say yes in this case. At first I would thought this probably is just the translator trying to make fun but no, after I found this news at


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