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    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    Where is JADY??!!

    I am still alive and kicking.
    And I still miss inniters like usual....

    My life have been real hectic every since I started my first day of work. However, I enjoy my work life like how I enjoy looking at good looking man (*joking). Everyday at work, I have to pick up so many call from bankers asking the property price, I feel myself more like a telemarketer or customer servicer than a valuer. Whatever it is, I have lots to share. Probably this little blog no longer can fit in all the things I have seen during my 3 weeks of working experience. First of all, I went to visit Pavilion Residence which situated right above of Pavilion shopping center. The high end lot I visited was for sale at 6.7 million ringgit. You are right, 6.7 million. The built up of the residence is almost as big as my aunty's detached house, 4000 + square feet. Come in 4+1 rooms. Brilliant, isn't it. Looking forward to look at pictures? I am sorry but I have stole some of these picture to ease your curiosity because why? It is very smart of me that not bring my camera along on the day.

    I have only stole 3 and the rest, please visit here.

    Nice? More to come....


    1. Hi Jady.. are u the property agent ? then i now who to find next time for properties.. any discount ?

    2. I am not property agent. I am only a valuer, a partial agent i should say. You will need me when you need a loan to approve.


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!