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    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011: Dog in the year 2011

    Fortune :
    The Dog will benefit from good fortune this year due to the presence of a lucky star. Academically, they will achieve good results, in work, they receive the help and support from a nobility which in turn will lead to excellent work performance and opportunities for a pay rise. It can be said that the Dog will be successful at work due to their popularity and fortune. For businessmen, it is a good year for investments and you may wish to expand your business overseas. However, be wary of cheats who are out to cheat your money, take good care of your valuables to prevent theft. You will have good luck with the opposite sex this year, for couples with a matured relationship can start planning for marriage. Health is good but extra attention must be paid to food hygiene.

    Career :
    The Dog will have outstanding work performance this year, especially in management and leadership skills. This will impress your boss and subsequent promotion opportunities will follow. Therefore, you should ride on the good fortune during this period of time and strive forward. Interact more with your colleagues, communicate ideas and opinions to achieve a breakthrough in your work performance. For businessmen, this is a good opportunity to expand your market overseas.

    Wealth :
    The Dog will benefit from good fortune this year due to the presence of a lucky star. For work, they will receive assistance from a nobility and there will be alot of pay raise opportunities. Businessmen will also reap good profits. However, during this period of good fortune, they may encounter a loss of wealth. A large part of the wealth will be spent on their family or their property. There will be a high number of theft occurring this year as well. Pay extra attention to valuables when going out to prevent theft .

    In the year of the Rabbit, the dog will have a fruitful love life. Couples with a matured relationship may wish to discuss about marriage to enter another stage of life. Singles have a good chance of meeting someone who they will develop good feelings for. Make sure to grab the opportunity and make a decision. Married couples will have a good relationship, but avoid going out alone with someone of the opposite sex to avoid troubles. Show more concern to the family to maintain the good relationship.

    The overall health for the dog is good and there are no major health issues. However, pay more attention to the health status of the older family members, show them more care and concern. Due to the good fortune in your career, you will be engaged in more entertainment, fun and gatherings with friend and colleagues so you should pay more attention to your diet. Control the frequency of smoking and alcohol consumption to prevent any illness that may come with them. Additionally, other than allocating time for rest and social activities, make time to do some exercise, it will benefit you physically and mentally.
    1st Month
    In the first month of the year, the Dog will have good fortune. Good progression in their career, better results can be achieved when working in groups which will lead to good work performance. Make use of the opportunity presented to win over the favor of their superiors. Wealth fortune is good for this month as workers will receive extra income, businessman will also see an increase in their financial resources so this is a good time to make investments. Love is stable with occasional quarrels and minor misunderstanding between partners. Everything will be resolved as long as explanations are given. Health condition is ok but do not be complacent, pay attention to diet.
    2nd Month
    A dip in fortune this month and there will be pressure during work. You may also encounter many obstacles and no matter how much effort you put in, they will all be in vain. Expect changes in work and you must be flexible and act according to the circumstances. Wealth fortune is average, do not make any kind of investment for this month but if you have to do so, choose an auspicious date to prevent huge loss of fortune. Singles will have opportunities to meet friends of the opposite sex and an ideal partner will appear. There is a slight issue with health and you should pay attention to any liver problems you may experience. Seek medical advice immediately if you are suffering from a relapse of an old illness.

    3rd Month
    The main thing to do this month will be to improve interpersonal relationships. Keep a low profile at work to avoid offending anyone which will also prevent a war of words from happening. Wealth will encounter some obstacles, serious considerations must be made before making any investments or you will suffer a great deal of loss. Gambling activities should be avoided as you may get addicted. Arguments will occur for married couples. Try to stay open minded and take a step back when needed to avoid disputes over minor stuffs. Health has improved but attention must still be paid to food hygiene to prevent illness.

    4th Month
    Fortune took a turn for the better this month. A nobility will appear to guide you on your career and wealth which will bring you good luck. An improvement to the wealth fortune this month as well. Investments will be profitable, this is also a good month for businessmen to expand their market locally and also overseas. There might be occasional arguments with your partner. Try to control your emotions to reduce the friction between both of you. Maintain your normal eating habits for this month and refrain from over eating.

    5th Month
    There will be ups and downs for your fortune this month. There will also be alot of twist and turns at work so you must put in extra effort in work to ensure that it progress steadily. In addition to efforts put in by your own, it is also important to maintain good inter personal relationship with fellow colleagues and communicate more at work to solve any work issues as well as to improve work performance. Wealth fortune is gloomy this month and you must be cautious when making investments to prevent financial loss. Be patient and tolerant towards your partner and do not be too critical of them to avoid a breakdown in relationship. Pay attention to safety when going out and do not stay out too late

    6th Month
    There will be good work progression and business is also picking up. You may proceed with any long planned overseas investments that you may have already prepared. However, you must be careful with the small details especially the terms in any contracts documents. Wealth is not particularly good, so you must manage your finance well to avoid any economic crisis. Love wise, singles must remain patient to wait for the right and do not be hasty. Health wise, get ample of rest and everything should be fine.

    7th Month
    There is a rapid rise in fortune this month. Any problems or obstacles encountered in working can also be easily resolved this month. This will be a good month to display your specialty to impress and gain recognition from your superior. This will lead to an increase in promotion and pay increment opportunities. Wealth fortune is very good this month , businessmen will see booming business and bold investment can be made as it will lead to profits. Love wise, you may wish to plan overseas holiday trip to improve the relationship. No major health concerns this month but do exercise regularly to stay healthy.

    8th Month
    The good fortune from previous month will continue and you will be efficient in everything that you do. If you face any difficulties, it can be easily resolved as long as you put in the extra effort to solve it. Wealth fortune is still very good this month, a nobility will point you to the right direction of investment and you should pay attention to your licence plate number and phone number as they might be your source of fortune. Singles may find the ideal partner this month, married couples will have a sweet relationship as well. Remember to take care of your health and do not let work deplete your health.

    9th Month
    The sudden dip in fortune will not be taken well by the Dog as there will be alot of problems arising from work. Be careful when tackling the problem, do not rush and take it one step at a time or it may get worse and become impossible to salvage. The wealth fortune for this month is not ideal. Avoid overspending and buy only what you need. Couples can communicate more to bring their relationship to the next level. Due to work, there will be alot of pressure that will lead to mental stress. Learn to relax and reduce stress and make sure to always maintain a good mood.

    10th Month
    A mixture of good and bad fortune this month. Everything is not as simple as you thought it to be and you will encounter obstacles in your work that will affect your mood. Businessmen should pay attention to the contract details before signing as any oversight of the terms may result in a loss of profit or even lawsuit. Love is stable this month. For couples who wish to make further progress, make more effort on your partner. Health wise, take note of your eating habits to prevent illness.

    11th Month
    For the Dog this month, it is difficult to please everyone at work, but as long as you are patience with your approach, you will be able to complete the task given successfully. Wealth fortune is not ideal for this month, businessmen should think twice before making any investment. Avoid making any investments unless you are very confident in it or you may suffer from a loss financially. Strong luck with the opposite sex this month. Couples may wish to discuss about marriage and married couples should take note of any third party that will damage their relationship. Health is poor for this month. Pay attention to your diet to prevent illness. Pay extra attention to your familys health, particularly the elderly and children.

    12th Month
    In the last month of the Rabbit year, all the hard work done will finally pay off. Work performance will improve, will receive special praises from their superiors in addition to a pay rise. Wealth fortune wise, other than a pay raise, businessmen will see a steady increase in sales for their business. Career will be progressing well and the love life will be sweet and rosy. Family will also be living in happy harmony. Health is not bad and it is a good time to bring the family out to participate in some outdoor excercise.

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