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    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011: Goat in the year 2011

    This year for the sheep is a mixture of good and bad luck. There will be pay and promotion opportunities at work but there will be dispute or misunderstandings cause by some people around who are out to damage you. There will be a lot of business barriers and someone might make false charge against you which will lead to lawsuit problems. Average wealth, you will also find it hard to amass your wealth, although there are profitable investments, it is better to be conservative and not be greedy. Married couples should protect their relationship and be careful of extra marital affairs. Pay more attention to safety while driving and be sure to obey traffic rules of speeding and drink driving.

    Career :
    This year for the Sheep is a good year to expand your career. Work wise, you will gain support from your fellow colleagues, you will be able to display your leadership capabilities, your superiors will be pleased with your performance, there will be a lot of pay and promotion opportunities, you will be able to attain both fame and fortune. However, everything is fine except one small problem, this year the sheep may meet villains intrusion. Other than a war of words, you may even provoke lawsuits. You should lay low while dealing with affairs outside work, do not stick your nose into other people’s business.

    Wealth :
    Wealth for the sheep this year is average. The main problem will be the appearance of an unlucky star causing a loss of wealth. So, for the sheep, it is best to practice self control over spending and start saving. There will be more favorable opportunities for a large profit for real estate and business investment this year. It is easy for you to be involved in a dispute over money so you should carefully read the contents of each clause before signing any important documents. In the case whereby you are involved in a lawsuit due to negligence, keep your cool and handle it with haste to avoid incurring a heavier loss.

    Be it for male or female, opportunities with the opposite sex will be plenty this year. Single men and women in search of a relationship in the year of the rabbit should take the initiative early to find a partner to end their singlehood status. Married couples are prone to a third party who may threaten to strain their relationship so both parties must be able to conquer the temptation and to understand that family harmony is the most important. Mutual understanding will be essential in order to avoid any problems with marriage. Couples should communicate more, happy and unhappy stuffs should be brought up in order for both party to understand each other more and for the relationship to last.

    Health :
    There is a presence of an unlucky star in health. Physical condition of the body is not satisfactory and is susceptible to xue guang so it is not advisable to participate in any hazardous activities this year. Families with the elderly should pay more attention to their health and diet as well as guarding them against injuries. Pay more attention to safety while driving and be sure to obey traffic rules of speeding and drink driving.

    First Month: Average fortune and career for the first month, able to complete jobs on time without any hassle but might encounter some disagreement with colleagues or customers. Must try to control your emotions, in the event of any problems, deal with it calmly or it will make things more difficult to clean up. For people in the service industry, courtesy is the key to a long and successful business. You will stand to gain in wealth if you are able to spot business opportunities. Couples or married couples will have a stable relationship while single men and women will have luck with the opposite sex.

    Second Month: There will be a decline in fortune as compared to the previous month. You will encounter some resistance at work which requires long term planning in order to overcome it. A rather poor wealth for this month. Although you were astute in business investment last month and might have some profit this month, you must avoid being greedy or it might lead to a loss in wealth. For singles, this is a favorable month for you to make friends of the opposite sex; married couples will enjoy a peaceful relationship. Health is not very good for this month so be careful while you are outdoors and refrain from driving too far away from home. .You should rest more and excerise to maintain a good health.

    Third Month: This month is a poor month for sheep, there will be greater pressure at work and you will encounter a series of unfortunate events. Do not be impatient though, you must remain calm in order to find a solution to the problems. Average wealth for the month, not advised to make large investments or investments with great risk. Note that married couples must communicate more over any issues they face. Pay more attention to each other and jointly maintain family happiness and harmony. No particular health issues but attention must be paid to maintain a healthy life.

    Fourth Month: Entering the lunar, the sheep’s fortune takes a big turnaround. There will be career development, and the pressure from the past 2 months is finally relieved. Investments made this month can be profitable and you may wish to expand your investment to increase income but do not borrow a large sum of money to people as it will be difficult to recover it back within a short period. Married couples will enjoy good relationship. It is also a good month to register for a marriage. However, more attention must be paid your health. Due to the influx of wealth, you will need to rest more and pay more attention to food hygiene to avoid falling sick.

    Fifth Month: Career fortune is especially good this month, progressing well. Expect a windfall if you put all your efforts into your work but do practice caution and know when to retreat, your performance will be more effective this way. Due to your outstanding performance in work, your customers and superiors will show appreciation and you are not far off from a promotion. Wealth is very good for this month. This month’s relationship development is not smooth, you will have disagreements with your partner. Both sides should handle the disagreement in a calm manner. Beware of accidents and take note of your own safety.

    Sixth Month: There will be an obvious decline in fortune and you will face a situation of uncertainty. A lot of twists and turns in work so you must not be complacent and have to be patient while handling stuffs. Avoid quarrels for this month and do not stick your nose into other people’s problem. Wealth will be unstable and it will be risk to make investments, especially in gambling. Relationship is stable, communicate more exchanges to avoid quarrels. Singles can make more effort to be engaged. Pay attention to children’s home safety.

    Seventh Month: A greatly improved month, like a sunshine after a storm, there will be a steady development in your career, might encounter a little trouble occasionally but it can be successfully resolved. Fortunes have been greatly improved, businessmen will see improved sales this month with a big room for making more income. Be careful of your valuables and be vigilant to guard against theft or deception. Couples will have a sweet and stable relationship and may wish to plan a trip or a romantic date. There are no health hazards for this month as well.

    Eighth Month: Continuing from last month’s good fortune, you will receive help from a noble person, there will be a lot of work progression, life’s chores will also be resolved quickly but you must not act rashly but instead seek progressive improvements. Investment can be profitable and if you come across a suitable development project, there should be quite a number of gains. This is a good month for relationships and both man and women will be discussing about marriage and the results will be good. Require more rest and pay more attention to the health of you families, particularly the elderly and children

    Ninth Month: Poor fortune this month, there will be a lot of difficulties in work. Must adopt a cautious approach, handle stuffs in a calm manner, decisions must be thought of carefully and attention must be paid to the small details on the documents. Business barriers leads to poor fortune, avoid living beyond cost savings. Relationship is poor this month, especially for couples. Easily start a quarrel with family members causing an awkward and strange feeling. Health is picking up, keep up the good life habits and do not overwork.

    Tenth Month: Fortune fell slightly but not too bad. There might be some obstacles at work and must be prepared for any obstacles that appear. Be wary of work disputes which might affect your image in the company. Wealth is fairly stable, be carefully of your own property and try not to go out or stay out late at night. Relationship is very good this month, stability in the relationship will lead to discussion about marriage. Make your to have sufficient time to rest.

    Eleventh Month: Smooth fortune and a successful career. There will not be many things that will be bothering you. You will see good results in your career due to your hard work. There is a good opportunity for a pay rise as well. Poor Wealth, investment will have poor returns. Gambling activities must be avoided or you will suffer a great loss which might lead you to an economic crisis. Relationship development is very smooth and singles are expected to achieve a breakthrough. More exercise should be done, get more rest.

    Twelve Month: Sheep in the year of the Rabbit in the last month has good fortune. Work performance will be brought to a higher level. Investors should be able to gain huge profits and if the conditions allows, expansion of business can be considered. In this last month, the relationship fortune is not very good, especially for married men and women. Keep a distance with colleagues of the opposite sex to avoid misunderstandings with your spouse. Pay close attention to food hygiene to avoid getting sick.

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