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    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011: Horse in the year 2011

    Fortune :
    The horse will experience good fortune in the Year of the Rabbit, especially for female. You will encounter a nobility in your work this year who will assist you in your work. There is a good opportunity for promotion and pay rise as well, but you should be careful of disputes with each another. In this year of good fortune, business will be blooming but you must know how to hold on to the money. Do not be misled into believing the words of villains into a money scam. You must also take precautions against theft, lock your windows and doors. This year is a good year to meet the opposite sex and it is time to consider about your future happiness. Health is not good this year so pay more attention to exercise and get ample of rest.

    Career :
    For the horse this year, they must have a 'more work less talk' mentality during work. In the case where they encounter a problem, they should remain low profile while trying to resolve it. Try not to make unnecessary comments as it will only lead to trouble. Career fortune for female is excellent. Due to the outstanding work performance, expect a pay rise or promotion. However, they must be wary of people who may make false charge against them. All factors must be carefully considered before being a guarantor for other people so as to not get involved in official or non-official lawsuit.

    Wealth :
    With the assistance of the lucky star, you will have good income. However, there are signs that you may experience financial issues so avoid borrowing money to others easily as it will be difficult to retrieve them back. There are opportunities for pay rise in work, income will be steady and for businessmen, with the help of a nobility, you are able to make various kind of investment which will lead to profits. As your wealth come and go this year, it is more difficult to amass your wealth. You must learn some tips in financial management and save money when possible be it in life or investments. You should also take good care of your valuables.

    Relationship :
    The love sign is blooming for the horse this year. Be it single or married, there is a good chance to meet the opposite sex. This is a good opportunity for the singles to get a partner if they take initiative to display their charm. This is also a good year for couples plan for their marriage. Married couples will enjoy a sweet relationship this year but must still be wary of 3rd parties that may appear. Communicate any discontent you may have and do not let small conflicts affect your relationship.

    Health :
    Health is the main concern for the horse this year. With a weak body and immune system, they will be prone to cold and bacteria infections. The elderly should pay more attention to joint problems and must maintain a certain activity everyday for healthier bones. This year, you will also be prone to digestive problems. So, regular eating habits must be developed and pay more attention to food hygiene. Visit the doctor when required without delay to avoid deterioration of the illness.

    1st Month:
    In the start of a new year, fortune for the horse is excellent. Businessmen will have a booming business, increased production as there will be an increase in orders; progression for workers is also looking good. But some small issues might arise over the course as someone will be trying to sow discord in your work. Remain calm and exercise restraint when such situation arise. Revenue will gradually increase along with the booming business and this presents a good opportunity to keep some savings for future use. Husband and wife must be patient with each other to reduce the number of disagreements from occurring. Health is good but may suffer from a lack of energy some time.

    2nd Month:
    The fortune for this month remains unchanged, career is developing at a stable pace with occasional trouble that may arise. The trouble can be dealt with in a calm and smooth manner, do not look for quick fix solution but plan for the future instead. Wealth is still considered to be very good for this month, business investment and acquisition of property can be taken into consideration as they will be profitable. Although the income is steady, do not be obsessed with gambling. This will be a good month for romance as there will be opportunities to meet the opposite sex. Singles are most likely to meet someone and begin a new romance. Health wise, outdoor activities are recommended to enhance the physical aspect.

    3rd Month:
    Although the fortune for this month is not as strong as last month's, it is still a smooth month. Work demands stability, remain calm and do not be hasty to make progress, this will enable you to achieve the desired results in the end. Wealth fortune is good for this month and you may wish to consider investing in a business. Unfortunately, there are signs that you may lose money this month so practice vigilance with your valuables especially when you are at a crowded place. For couples, get to understand each other more, for marries couples, show concern to your partner to make them feel loved. Health wise is quite well but control your diet and do not get too indulged in it so as not to affect your health.

    4th Month:
    There will be a sudden change in fortune and there might be some changes in your work. There will be people out to harm your work so you must not be stubborn but learn to survive in adversity. Wealth fortune is also bad for this month. Avoid making investments and guard against deception of your valuables. If you are going out this month, remain vigilant and guard yourself against accidents. Communicate more with your partner to understand each other more to prevent parting.

    5th Month:
    Fortune is improving bit by bit but you will still face various problems with your work. Resolve it quickly to prevent it from causing a chain reaction. When in disagreement or misunderstanding with your colleagues, take a deep breath and calm down to communicate more with them to resolve the issues. As your wealth is gradually slowing down, the risk for investment and gambling will increase. Practice self control and know when to stop. Health is poor for this month so you must pay more attention to your daily diet, rest as much as possible. Relationship has improve and both of you must be careful in maintaining the relationship.

    6th Month:
    Fortune has recovered greatly and there will be a lot of career development opportunities, progress and some unexpected surprises. You must grab hold of this opportunity presented but you must be extra careful while handling important documents and do not be careless. For shop owners, you can expected good progression if you remain committed and focused with the job at hand. Wealth fortune has also improved and is appropriate to make investment as it can be profitable. Pay special attention to yours and your partner's numbers as it may present a winning opportunity. Outside working hours, it is recommended to do sports and get plenty of rest to improve your body's immune system. Married couple will enjoy a sweet relationship while singles will come across a great opportunity to express your intentions to develop a relationship with the special someone.

    7th Month:
    Fortune continues to rise for this month. You have also gotten grasp of your work. A nobility will appear to render you help and advice. For the horse, this will be a good month to ride on the good fortune to improve your popularity among others and gain more support from them. This is not a good month to indulge in gambling as the wealth does not look good. Get to know about how financial planning and saving works. Health wise, you will be prone to injuries so you should avoid strenuous exercise to avoid injury. Couples will have encouraging progress which should be cherish.

    8th Month:
    Fortune is smooth, may face great difficulties in your work but with determination and confidence, you will be able to overcome the problem. Although you wealth is improving, you need to keep a low profile. For working people, you should be dedicated to your career in order to have great success in the future. More attention should be paid to the relationship aspect for this month as relationships may suffer due to each other's popularity among the opposite sex. Married couples may quarrel and their relationship will be put to a test as there might be an involvement of a third party. Learn to relieve stress and get ample rest.

    9th Month:
    Fortune has suddenly turn stormy. Work progression is obstructed by someone who will cause disagreements in the workplace but try not to invite trouble and avoid quarrels if possible. Problems at work should be resolved quickly to avoid further troubles. Due to the decline in sales, financial earning this month is not ideal. Be extra careful with financial management and minimise non emergency expenses. Poor health this month, must pay close attention to safety away from home. Minimize difficult activities to avoid fall injuries. In a relationship, it is important to have confidence in each other to prevent unnecessary troubles.

    10th Month:
    Fortune continues to be in decline. The horse must practice caution and put stability as a main priority. Colleagues may have disputes due to a difference in opinions in work. However, be flexible and don't let a small contradiction affect the working relationship. Businessmen might encounter difficulties while trying to finalise an agreement. Pay attention to the small details to prevent misunderstandings. Put in more effort for your career and let other people see your commitment to be successful. There will be an obstacle to your wealth and you must be careful with your financial planning. Relationships will be stable and there is not much issue with your health.

    11th Month:
    Fortune is still at the lower end of the scale as someone is continuously trying to cause destruction causing your working performance to be put into question. Colleagues, bosses or customers will have alot of complaints. Important documents must be kept safe and pay attention when signing documents in this sensitive time to avoid a recurrence of past mistakes. Wealth is average, avoid making big investments and absolutely refrain from gambling activities. Relationship is vulnerable to crisis, but should remain calm in the face of problems. Communicate with each other to understand each other's ideas to solve the problem as soon as possible. Health will be unstable, prone to headaches and insomnia. Need to relax as much as possible

    12th Month:
    Coming to the last month of the Year of the Rabbit, after three months of difficult times, the horse will have a big improvement in its fortune. Good work performance, career crisis is over and your boss is impressed by your work performance. Wealth fortune is good as well, shop owners will see an increase in business operations and can ride on the good fortune on the last month to develop new markets to create a good base for next year's development. For the singles, you must give out a signal of intent for marriage and grab the opportunity when the chance arise. Prone to gastrointestinal discomfort. Take note of your daily diet and avoid uncooked or semi-cooked food to prevent food poisoning.

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