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    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011: Monkey in the year 2011

    You have good star this year for the monkey, but you are advised to still take precautions at all your action. You may encounter more issues at work, stay positive and have faith to work against obstacles. Due to the lack of communication you may find that it is easy to have argument with colleagues therefore you should stay away with that. There may be good job performance with nobility by your side. You must learn to do financial management this year and also be careful with your valuable to avoid getting cheated or theft. Love luck is good for the singles, there will be chance for romance blossom. For the married, there may be third party intrusion therefore avoid getting into any unnecessary dates. Health this year, you should pay attention to take more rest, to prevent over-fatigue.

    There will be good career development this year, you notice outstanding performance brings you an increase in the revenue, but also access to opportunities for promotion, can be described as both fame and fortune strive. However, upon all the achievement, you will have to be attentive to your surrounding and people around you to live in harmony and minimize any possible disagreement. For the business people, Investment deal will be good with nobility advice for you, therefore grasp the good opportunity.

    Work is good this year for the monkey and can bring in good increase in monetary, good time for the people doing business. You may encounter a lot of surprise windfall from good people around you. But also be careful as there may be theft disaster that may happen. Do not expose your valuable to other. Do not get into any momentary impulse to make some illegal things, it may led to lawsuits, not only you will cause monetary loss, but also harm to you and your family.

    This is a good year for the monkey in term of fortune and love, you get many opportunity to meet with the opposite sex. It is a good opportunity to participate in social activities, you should get to meet someone of your interest. You may take the first move, strive for good match. Stable relationship for the attached, you may consider making marriage plan. As for the married couple, there may be some problem between the two of you, stay calm and patience as accident may happen in an argument.

    Health is poor this year for the monkey, you get agitated easily, feel ill at ease. You should learn to go with the flow, take thing easily and everything will come naturally. You get irritated easily and bad temper that may cause you some injuries therefore you should avoid high-altitude activities, to prevent from falling. This year the monkey will encounter problem from the kidneys, spleen and stomach, digestive system is not good. You should go for a regular physical examination, it will put you at ease.

    1st month:
    Approaching the first month of the year, there will be some instability for the monkey fortune this month. You may encounter some issue at work, but you should maintain positive and stay strong. Do not be too pessimistic, start the new year with bright color ahead. It is difficult for you to hold on to your money, be careful with your valuable. Do not bring too many belonging while traveling around to prevent theft. Love luck is very pleasant this month, single men may take the opportunity to express your feeling to the someone special. Heavy workload may led to health problem, you are prone to kidney issue, try to get more rest.

    2nd month:
    Fortune is generally good, especially in the aspect of work. There will be good development and you may get promotion and pay rise. Fortune this month is high, you can consider investing on business, or for diversification of your investment, there will be additional revenue in the mid month. Love luck is good, arise luck with the opposite sex, seize the good opportunity and you may get to meet some you desire. Marital relations is colorful, warmth family life, harmony and happiness.  Health may have some minor problems occasionally, visit a doctor as soon as you feel unwell. There should not be too much of a problem.

    3rd month:
    This month fortune may not be too satisfactory, therefore you should carefully guard against things happening around you. Career development is not smooth, you must be careful when dealing with projects, trust yourself and make your own decision. Occasionally you can refer to your friend or family. There will be plenty of workload, but not much of a pay rise, try to be more thrifty and eliminate all unnecessary spending. Love luck is pleasant for the singles, you must encounter a love at first sight. Work is stressful therefore you should find enough time to rest to prevent overwork.

    4th month:
    Career luck is bad, and you may encounter disagreement and argument with people. You shall learn to listen to other and , get rid of your stubborn personality as much as possible, try to resolve conflicts earlier, do not be sway by your personal feeling. Be patience and stay calm to avoid making matter worse. wealth is average, do not get into any not speculation or risk taking investment, guard against monetary loss. Relationship with your love one is good, may sit down and make future plan together. This is generally not a good month for you, therefore do not to participate in dangerous or climbing activities to prevent fall.

    5th month:
    Fortune turns for the better, progress for your work is going smoothly and personal disputes are gradually receding, and it is a good time for you to whole-heartedly seek development, try your best to grasp the opportunity. Wealth is very good, business investment will be able to get good return, you may also try making some investment. Love luck is blossom, good chance to meet the opposite sex, singles can express your feeling to the person you adore. But it is important you use a sincere attitude to win the trust of each other, do not force it. Health this month, you should pay attention to take more rest, to prevent over-fatigue.

    6th month:
    Career development is stable and smooth, work task is easy to deal with, should grasp the good opportunity and you will see good return. But do not get too arrogant with your good result, you should strengthen communication with colleagues and improve relationship among them. So you will be able to get help when you need them. Wealth is average, let nature take it course and do not be too demanding about it to avoid feeling too preeesurize. Love luck is plain but there is still chances to expect spark from the opposite sex. You should take thing easy this month and keep calm at all times. Take note of your daily diet and avoid uncooked or semi-cooked food to prevent food poisoning.

    7th month:
    Fortune meet a decline this month, you should make plan for yourself in advance, and be careful with what you do to prevent from getting caught unprepared. Work should be cautious, do not criticize other people action, to prevent the villain from obstructions, and you may be at a disadvantage. This month, businesses have ups and downs, before making any investment, you should be carefully plan, do not rush on making decision. Love luck is average, when meet with someone you like, maintain good relation but it may not be a good time to express your love yet. You should make sure you take good care of your health this month, avoid alcohol consumption.

    8th month:
    This month fortune do not seem to turn any better, you will meet contradiction at work with your colleague therefore you should pay close attention when dealing with the problem you have to avoid the situation that may deteriorate the issue.  Spend more time with your superior to improve on the communication and take reference from him  before making any work plan to achieve a much more desirable result. Married couple is loving, harmony in the family, make effort to show more care and concern so that relationship can be lifted.  You should pay attention to food hygiene this month to prevent illness.

    9th month:
    Fortune turns for the better, for the people working in the office, many social problem get resolve, and thing get back on track. For the business people, there should be good development this month as long as you put enough concentration to it. Good financial operations, you should see good revenue, but make sure that you do not over-investment, and do not squander. You may meet some changes in love this month, there may be an intrusion of third party, make sure you stay calm and judge sensibly. Health is good, find time to rest and avoid over work.

    10th month:
    This month you maintain a good fortune from the previous month, there is an increase in work performance and full of vitality. Business seems to have an increase, and moving upwards. You will get plenty of assistant from nobility person that brings you good fortune. You may use little effort to gain a good return on investment. There may be intrusion of extramarital affair that led by husband and wife to have some problem. Your health is good this month, but relationship crisis may cause you to have emotional deterioration and irritability, you should keep calm during this period.

    11th month:
    Fortune is average, difficult to make a break through, career development is not smooth, problem comes one after another, if not carefully handle it could intensify. Fortunately, there is nobility person out to help you overcome the problem. Wealth may encounter fall, you are not suitable to make big plan during this month. At the right time, you may make some small-scale investment is fine. You may be prone conflict with others, especially married men and women, to avoid argument that may get into accident. Due to many issues that occur that cause you to feel stressful and trouble. You should stay relax and spend more time to rest.

    12th month:
    Fortune seem to decline as much as the previous month, you meet with many changes at work, may encounter many obstacles. Everything you do, you should think twice before making any decisions, be patient and not rush things, or you lose out. Business investment may be in some cash flow problems, to prudent financial management, not to rely on other people's rhetoric, leading to deception or even bankruptcy. Do not carry too many valuables with you late at night to prevent robbery. Emotional issue with love one still exists should make effort to solve as soon as possible. Poor health, if not well-taken care, is likely to lead to much more serious problem. 

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