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    Friday, November 19, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011: Ox in the year 2011

    For Ox buddies, this year there is no lucky star shining in your region, so fortune is very low. Work pressure is heavy, there will be a lot of interference that obstruct the task. A lot of duplication of efforts can not be easily done. You may not be able to obtained earning through opportunistic (gambling etc.) this year, work hard on accordingly, which is the correct way of making money. Work and wealth do not increase, if faced a problem should be resolved quickly  by calming your mood, to avoid further complications. Fortune may not be pleasant, do not go to the hospital visiting or participating any form of funerary.

    This year for your career there is plenty of uncertainty and heavy workloads that seem difficult to resolve. You may tend to fall in the situation which easy to provoke resentment or being marginalized people. Poor interpersonal relationships, from the boss down to the colleagues who are likely to bring some problems, so this year to avoid a dispute with the people around and watch their behaviors, not to offend others because of small details, to their own buzz. Even you know people are finding fault, you should be patient for the moment, believe there is always truth one day. Corporate matters should conservative and handle with special attention calmly.

    For your wealth and fortunes relatively poor this year, because of certain incidents which may led to loss of wealth, so the use of money this year must be careful, suggest that you may develop the habit of saving, conscious on spending money. Do not squander, minimize unnecessary expenses to avoid the phenomenon of problem. When visiting crowded places, take care of your belongings. There may be Investment risk, the probability of loss is seem higher than of income. When you consider that your wealth isn’t  doing well, gambling is not the best way to relax, and strongly suggest to avoid making the approach.

    Love luck is weak, difficult to have the opportunity for single to find one desire. May consider to make some changes in your dress sense to change your luck in the aspect. There seem to have many obstacles and unresolve issues between couple, feeling are difficult to express and relationship is very fragile. For married couple, because of busy work and you may have the tendency to neglect one another ,prone to quarrel. If do not know how to resolve conflicts, separation may be the end result. In short, in the Year of the Rabbit for the ox must pay special attention to control their emotions, this is to avoid bringing harm to both parties.

    Speculating into the whole year calculation, the fortunes for the ox this year have several obstructions, it is difficult to feel smooth, you may prone to insomnia or accidental mass annihilation, especially those driving to be extra careful to avoid bad consequences. In addition to take more rest and pay attention to mental fatigue, and physical health. This year health may be more prone to heart, kidney and joint problems, gynecological problems for women need attention, it is best to have regular medical check-ups, just in case. Find sometime for traveling with family, outing to feel good and harmonious, and may promote better relationship with family.

    1st Month:
    Stepping in the Year of the Rabbit for the first month, there may be plenty of obstacles, you may feel that you put a lot of efforts, but do not see result, impeding the progress of work in the process of happening. Wealth is not ideal, avoid big investment or to participate in gambling, in order to avoid a crisis of monetary loss. More quarrels between family members, tends to produce all of tension or family crisis. Relatively poor health status this month, more rest time, avoid over exertion to bring greater health burden, be more cautious and careful, to prevent accidental injury.

    2nd Month:
    For this month your fortune will be rising slowly, to properly deal with various issues, problems encountered can be resolved smoothly. The pressure coming from work have lower than a little and some existing issue from the previous month can be easily overcome. Improved wealth, income is seem better than before, but advise to properly allocate on your accumulation of financial resources. Relationship for the married or attached get better bonding than before. More loving and happy. May consider to make some traveling together abroad to incur more time and happiness with one another. In term of your health, there may not be too much of a problem, but should also pay attention to the maintenance of the heart and of the kidney.

    3rd Month:
    Fortune this month goes slightly downward, keep hitting on the rock whatever you do, it may be because the impulse decision that you get into some problem, maintain low profile is suggested. Wealth is uncertain, with possible monetary loss, avoid loans, you should not be a partnership investment business, to be prudent financial management to avoid financial crisis, negative fortune side, avoid any speculation. Your health is not good, pay attention to own safety, need to guard against accidents Xueguang occurrence everywhere. Do not bring your work burden or stress back home. Find sometime to have dinner with your family, this can help to promote a soothing and relaxing healing properties.

    4th Month:
    Luck is normal as seem, although difficult problem from before already gradually solve, but there is still minor problem around that need your attention. There is some wealth luck for making money making, can make good use of it, it may bring you pleasant surprise. As for your love luck, the unmarried individual may find a good opportunity to chance upon someone desirable, but should proceed in an orderly way, cannot be engaged in rashly, will otherwise outsmart oneself. For the married couple, may get to travel together to promote better understanding and greater sentiment between each other.

    5th Month:
    Fortune seem to be stable, always a modicum of success after some setbacks, so do not give yourself too much pressure. This month physical easily lead to mass annihilation, with particular attention to the safety of driving, may not be overlooked. Wealth is filled with uncertainty, to prevent loss of money, do not do any investment or fall in gambling. Luck with the opposite sex this month is strong, but must be careful for the married couples there may be unnecessary attention, because there will be a third party incite the feelings of each other, it is best not to Zhanre( cross the line), otherwise it will lead to a big mistake. At the same time, pay attention to your health from any previous sickness or old injury.

    6th Month:
    There may be a lot of uncertainty in your work this month due to some reason occuring. You may seem stressful even after dedication, there seem to be no result or any desire outcome. You should be careful with the details of the contract, because the moment of inattention could result in the loss of profit, which fell into a money dispute or trap. Feelings are somewhat volatile, because of difference of opinion lovers quarrel, the two sides of tension, if not for proper communication or understanding, there may be a separate risk. Health is poor, need to pay attention to prevent illness due to accidents or lead to money flows Xueguang.

    7th Month:
    Luck this month is gradually rising. It is a good opportunity for work progression. If there is a chance for transfer of work or to carry out a new plan, this is a golden opportunity, but still needed the cautious against villain to create difficulties from within. Should pay attention on your interpersonal relationship, many exchanges with the people around you, wins over the colleague as well as friend's support, the work progress can be smoother. Do not overwork and for the married couple to pay more attention to one another to avoid unnecessary attraction from third party. Health is normal, avoid feeling too stressful and find time to relax.

    8th Month:
    Fortune continued to strengthen, the cause of wealth are moving forward, especially businesses, doing business this month is a good time to invest to make money, can seize the opportunity of a prosperous future. For people with a stable job, dedicated career development, fiscal revenue is very rich, opportunist(small gambling etc.) can be a little profit. Require special attention this month for your love life, because of the argument from last month that yet to resolve may incur many issues that need to be in proper consideration whether the relationship between the two sides should continue. Health is not a big problem, you can pay attention to food hygiene.

    9th Month:
    Fortune sharp decline, emotional, career, physical aspects are unfavorable, the cause of obstruction of work increased, should be careful, and seek progress, and naturally you can get through this difficult period. Avoid any form of investment as you may be in big loss. Should pay close attention to safety, stay as far as possible away from danger, to avoid mass annihilation. May have some problem or sickness with health. Should take more rest, pay attention to work and rest, prevention of relapse. Married couple or attached individual still face problem and have many arguments. You may get in to proper consideration whether the relationship between the two sides should continue.

    10th Month:
    This month's fortunes continued to decline, it may bring you endless trouble. Unless there is a villain appears to spread rumors, wants to destroy the impression of your colleagues, increase your work barriers. Easy to stay away from lawsuit this month, remember to control their emotions better, stay calm, especially in dealing with contract issues must think carefully, do not fall into the trap of villains. Strong singles luck with the opposite sex, there are many opportunities to make new friends, but be careful to make decisions, do not listen to sweet talk, to avoid being cheated. Avoid hanging out late, to prevent loss of property.

    11th Month:
    Fortunes improved with the previous month, although the cause of small obstacles, but the dedication and efforts, there will be a good situation. Should properly handle the relationships, more friends and family for support, work together to the goal. Fiscal revenue is substantial, favorable business or buy investment property, but money should not be partial vision, be careful fiscal management. Health conditions can still occasionally occur physically small illness, should be more rest, attention to work and rest, careful attention to food hygiene to prevent disease from the mouth. More emotional aspects of communication, availability of certain progress.

    12th Month:
    The last month of the Rabbit’s year, it is indeed a conclusion of not a very pleasant month for the ox. Argument that leads to many misunderstanding. In term of your work progression, maintain low profile to avoid villains that may cause issues in between. Easy to suffer unexpected financial losses, must try to prevent outside the wealth to release with by the person larceny. The luck is not good, easy to be injured, do not approach sharp weapons and so on knife sword, prevents to stab or to cut. Health may not be good, pay more attention to problem such as cold and fever and so on vigorous sickness appearance. The mood fluctuates easily extreme, disputes easily with the companion, should reduce any violent language use and the behavior as far as possible.

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