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    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011: Pig in the year 2011

    Fortune :
    The Pig will have more unlucky star than lucky ones this year. You will be surrounded by people who may harm you causing disputes and spreading rumours about you. This will lead to losing your passion for your work and moody at times. Due to the unlucky star, you will be courted by controversies wherever you go, you will also suffer financial loss this year so learn to manage your wealth well. Other than being thrifty, do not work with others for business or be a guarantor. Married couples may quarrel more this year so couples should communicate more.You will suffer from poor health this year so pay attention to any symptoms of illness that may arise.

    Career :
    The Pig will encounter alot of problems at work, rumours will be spread about you from time to time which lead to an misunderstanding from your boss or working partners. So the Pig should be more pleasant towards the surrounding people and keep a low profile. Learn to listen more and talk less to improve interpersonal relationship and do not let it be a stumbling block to your career. Do not be hasty when doing stuffs this year, execute it only after it is carefully planned and thought off to prevent any problems that may arise due to poor planning.

    Wealth :
    Poor wealth fortune this year. The Pig must learn to be proactive, have good financial management and organize their financial expenditure carefully. Control your desire to purchase anything and do not squander your money. In fortune where your wealth fortune is strong, save some money for any difficult times you might go through in the future. It is not advisable start a business with a partner this year as it will most likely lead to no profits. Do not be a guarantor this year as you will be involved in lawsuits and financial disputes or even bankruptcy.

    Love :
    Pig do not have much luck with the opposite sex this year. Married couples will experience some ups and downs and arguments as well as some misunderstandings. It is important to be patient to understand each other more so as to not affect the relationship. As long as you approach the situation calmly, and communicate more, unpleasant incidents can be prevented. Singles in search of a partner will encounter some difficulties. Try to take part in more gatherings and activities to enhance the opportunities for making friends.

    Health :
    Pay more attention to eating habits this year. Avoid fried food and pay attention to any gastrointestinal discomfort you may have. Because you will be busy with your work, you will be physically and mentally tired. Watch out for traffic accidents when outdoors and you may wish to make blood donation to reduce the disasters coming your way. For the females this year, pay attention to your physiological problem, is it advised to do periodic gynecological examinations and seek timely treatment should any problem arise.

    1st month:
    The Pig will have bad fortune in the first month of the year. There will be alot of disputes and obstacles at work. So do not rush your work this month, keep at your own pace and keep your nose out of other people's business so as not to be involved in any arguments. Wealth fortune is poor, you will see no returns from the money you invested in so it is not recommended to make any investment and borrowing. And gambling must be avoided or you will suffer from a big loss. Due to pressure from work, your mood will be affected. Married couples will argue over minor stuffs and it will affect their relationship.

    2nd month:
    Fortune improved slightly but career is still not picking up. Problems will come one after another and you should guard against people who are out to damage your work, learn to be patient in order to lessen the obstruction they cause to your work. Wealth fortune is poor and you will suffer from financial loss easily. Not recommended to invest in business with others or any kind of investments with great risk. Disputes between couples will ease. Young couples must treasure the relationship they share or they might face the possibility of a break up. Rest more this month and do not let your health be affected due to fatigue

    3rd month:
    The Pig should make more effort and show more dedication to work but sometimes it may be in vain which may affect you. Wealth fortune is not good so be careful of the risk in making investment, do not be greedy, do not invest if the timing is not right or it will lead to huge financial loss. Love fortune is average, Singles will find it easy to meet the opposite sex which will lead to opportunities to meet the ideal partner but it is still better to let nature take its course. More attention should be paid to individual health, go for a full body examination and seek treatment should there be any problems

    4th month:  
    This month's fortune finally change for the better. There will be opportunities in work for you to display your talent and to get people's recognition. Personally, interact more with colleagues to maintain good working relations and enhance your popularity and position in the company. Wealth fortune is a lot better than last month. Businessmen may wish to carry out any expansion plans this month as there will be good results. Have Married couples will have disputes that will lead to a period of ' cold war '. Communicate more and have a mutual accommodation and tolerance and everything will be fine. No major health issues but pay more attention to your rest time and eating habits to stay healthy

    5th month:
    A slight dip in fortune and you will start to feel that you require double the effort to complete a task. Working relationship needs to be improved and try to get the support of colleagues around you as it will enhance your work performance. Wealth fortune is bad this month, other than having no income, you may suffer from a financial loss. Love fortune is not good as well. Couples will fall apart due to disagreements and the disagreement should be resolved as soon as possible. Pay attention to any weather changes as well as cough and cold.

    6th month:
    Fortune continues to decline, problems will occur in work and personal life . As there will be a lot of rumours surrounding you this month, be wary of your relationship with your colleagues. Keep a watch out in their behaviours and do not let it affect your work performance. Wealth fortune is strong this month, regular investors should monitor the market more and make timely investments to reap unexpected rewards. Misunderstandings will occur between married couples. Clear up the misunderstandings early and to not drag it as it will affect your relationship. This is a good month for physical exercise.

    7th month:
    There will be a sharp rise in fortune this month. For your career, businessmen improve the relationship with your customers and partners as it will improve your business. Wealth fortune is not bad, can make some investment but only after careful consideration and it will provide you with a windfall. Take some time off to accompany your family to ensure good family bonding among family members and also to strengthen family unity. When going out, be careful of small accidents that may occur like falls or knocks.

    8th month:
    Fortune dropped slightly and there will be obstacles in everything you do. Do not rush you work, everything should be carefully examined in order to avoid mistakes. Do things in orderly order or all the effort put in will be in vain. Wealth fortune this month will not be smooth. Communicate more with fellow colleagues or customers and exchange views to achieve the goals that you desire which will ensure a steady flow of income. Love fortune is not bad, both party will be able to reach a mutual trust and understand each other better. When outdoors, pay attention to your own safety especially when moving up and down on the staircase .

    9th month:
    Fortune for this month is strong. Work will be smooth and businessmen should take adapt a proactive working attitude, work closely with fellow colleagues and business will improve. Wealth fortune is good and you should continue to maintain the good customer relationship. For those who buy lottery, take note of phone numbers and document numbers. It is also a good time for couples to plan about their marriage. Health wise, spend some time to do some physical exercise to improve your immune system and for females, it is a good time to go for a gynecological examination

    10th month:
    A sudden drop in fortune this month. Something sudden will happen at work so remember to control your emotions and tempers. Wealth fortune is not good, for businessmen, some investment plans must be halted, be careful when handling your finances so as to avoid any monetary issues. Love fortunes is not good as well, disagreements and disputes will take place between couples. Learn to understand each other and analyse things from a different angle to better understand each other. Get ample of rest to better take care of your body for this month.

    11th month:
    Fortune improved tremendously and work will progress smoothly as the obstacles are cleared. Wealth fortune is good as well, for businessmen, monthly income has increased at a steady pace. Married couples will have a few arguments very now and then but don't be too stubborn on your opinions. Take a step backward to avoid trivial arguments. Only some minor health issue to take note of but everything will be fine after some rest and exercise.

    12th month:
    Coming to the last month for the year of rabbit, the fortune for Pig will drop drastically and everything will not go smoothly. In work, your progression will be halted, pay more attention to any conversations you make as one lapse might bring you endless trouble. Wealth fortune wise, pay attention to your financial situation, a financial crisis may befall you. Love fortune wise, relationships might become rocky. Marriage may be on the rocks due to arguments and disagreements. It is important to communicate with each other for the relationship to last. Health fortune is bad as well, you will suffer from health problems and should seek advice as soon as possible. Other than paying attention to your health, pay attention to your safety as well, be careful when you are outdoors to prevent accidents from occuring

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