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    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011: Rat in the year 2011

    Thank you for everyone's support. I have found something even much more interesting about Feng Shui. For chinese astrology lover, I have got something more detail for you:

    It a Tai Sui year for rat, surfacing all the good luck, you will also face several problems which  may cause you to be in many mix situations. Due to many obstacles and issues that goes wrong, you may tend to feel stressful. In the Year of the Rabbit's, you must learn stay calm and be extra careful at all cause to avoid any accident. You may meet the opportunity to go abroad for business, you can hold on to the opportunity to fully develop their potential.  You may also realize that the opposite sex seem to act as a good assistance in your career.

    This year although there might be good of progress from last year. But there seem to have many difficult obstacles that affect your work efficiency. When at work, you may get into argument with colleagues, and arise of villains. You know that it is difficult to avoid gossip, but as long as you keep a low profile. More action than words to minimize any damage. You should be more pro-active than before to bring in more opportunities.  You may be drag in to court matter this year therefore you should be careful when dealing with important documents or transactions.

    This year you may feel very busy and many tasks to accomplish. Wealth is weak and certainly not smooth that may cause money loss. Therefore it is suggested that you maintain low profile and avoid any form of investment or business commitment. Be extra careful when dealing with important document  or any contract. Do not be a guarantor this year to avoid lawsuits or even bankruptcy. Pay attention to who you put in your trust as you may be easily taken.

    This year love luck is good,  romance is the air. With love luck on your side,  it is a  good chance for those who yet to find someone desireable. You may also consider to take initiative. There may be more emotional unstability for the rat therefore it is advisable for you to practise tolerance as for your first move. Make chance for communication with your partner and show more trust towards each other.  Singles should keep a clear head, and avoid being taken.

    Health is weak due to emotional instability, it is easy that you generate disputes, and misunderstanding, you may encounter insomnia, therefore you should keep calm and maintain a positive frame of mind. This year, you must guard against energy loss, and be mindful to regulate your mood. Pay close attention to your diet, especially in relatively hot weather season. Avoid cold food.

    First Month:
    New Year's first month, fortunes can still be said to be well at work and wealth. Work will have some progress, but many things still occur because of unforeseen changes, so everything is not radical. This month you should also avoid any gossip or badmouthing.  You must  take the initiative to communicate with colleagues, this will help in your career development. Wealth is slow,  do not make any big decision on your investment or business.  Love luck is normal.  Make effort to exercise this month.

    2nd Month:
    Fortune is slow this month, you may be involve in a lawsuit. Therefore it is advisable that you be extra careful with the people around you. Be as attentive as possible to avoid making mistake. Make less talking and do more action. You may encounter some issues at work, must be handle carefully to avoid a financial crisis. Therefor be more mindful with  your wealth, to prevent the theft. Poor physical condition, you should do gentle exercise and be careful while driving.

    3rd Month:
    Fortune has  continued signs of decline, many things seem  to go wrong. Tasks is always incomplete and many obstacles occur. Wealth is not satisfactory,  you need to make careful plan and arrangement to prevent substantial leakage of money arising from the economic crisis. This month ithe rat is easy to provoke unnecessary trouble,  you should remain calm, and aviod crowded places. Love luck is average, show more care and concern for your partner to avoid argument.
    4th Month:
    After the first two months of the flow, and this month, fortune finally improving, its time to feel more relief. Although the work is not hundred percent successful, but after the tireless efforts of some time ago, finally to see some results, indeed gratifying. Rise in fortune, therefore allow more wealth of opportunities, income and savings. Married families live happy, unmarried persons are prone to fog and even bad romance, you should be  flexible when dealing with emotions, to avoid problems from bad to worse.  You should rest more and excerise to maintain a good health.

    5th Month:
    This month fortune isn’t as good as the previous month, you did not catch up well from last month. There seem to be many personnel disputes, and rumour spreading. At work, you should try to get suppor t from your superiors to avoid being frame that may leads to lawsuit. Health situation is not ideal, in addition to stomach and digestive system diseases, but also to prevent relapse, it is recommended regularly to the hospital for a checkup. If going overseas on business, will have to keep bringing attention to climate change due to physical discomfort.

    6th Month:
    Fortune fluctuating pressure increase this month. Work will still have a lot of obstacles,  keep the faith, and seek progress, so as not to cause the state of stagnation. Will encounter some ups and downs in life, make you physically and mentally fatigued, hardly optimistic, but still want to maintain a stable attitude of wait and see, everything is not anxious to meet. Wealth is  poor, not suitable for investment, so as not to lose everything. Relationship may have some problems such as disputes, disagreement, therefor you need to spend more time with each other to communicate ideas.

    7th month:
    Some improvement this month, a little fortune, to maintain previous work attitude, so do not let go of every detail to avoid participation in new projects. The general wealth, not speculation, in particular, can not participate in gambling activities. This month there will be loss of valuables, therefore you must protect your belongings against thieves. Feelings can not be forced, let nature take it courses in order to achieve good results. Tolerance towards family members is needed,  do not cause unexpected trouble because the little things. Health is weak, find  time to have enough rest, so as not to overwork.
    8th Month:
    Although great efforts  pay off, but the result may not be desirable. You should cherish the achievements you have at the moment and not be too overly ambitious. This month's volatility in the money accumulated relatively large investment and high risk gambling, and sometimes may be harvested, sometimes lose everything. Love lifemay encounter occasional mood swings can cause two sides dispute. Because of the existing love luck, couple should be frank and share mutual understanding.

    9 Month:
    Fortune this month may looks difficult, but in fact has slightly turn better than previous month. Do not speak out so strongly in an situation.  Communicative activities can be avoided, less participation should you practise. Wealth is still low, weak, you should  lock the doors and windows when heading out, in order to avoid the disaster of the stolen. Business people may have the possibility of monetary loss, investment and financial management to be cautious.

    10th Month:
    Fortune in a uncertainty mood, work will still have a number of rides and easy to commit villain, may feel uneasy with work or progression. This month easily lead to lawsuits, should stay away from gossip, as little speech as possible, so as not to mess with unecessary issues. This month you should be mindful of your bucks to guard against accidental loss of money. The so-called "anti-people of the heart", whether in business or emotional investment, you should show patience, be mindful and prevent being cheated.

    11 Month:
    Fortune continued downward, the cause has not the slightest improvement in the work or hinder the emergence of waves, in addition to the completion of difficult tasks, interpersonal relationships are more intense, from time to time there are bad people out obstructions.  Keep low profile  and avoid small disputes. As the war of words caused a major dispute, it must pay attention to emotions in order to avoid a big variable, difficult to turn back. Still no sign of increased wealth, not for investment. Emotional life of much ado about nothing, will provoke no reason to rotten peach, should be restrained, cherish the happy life, to avoid the situation from getting worse. Health, to prevent bumps and other unintentional injuries, but also to prevent traffic accidents.

    12 Month:
    This month is the final month of the year, fortunes rise, there will be all good opportunities, should make the best grasp, do not miss the opportunity. Work ride will be gradually eliminated, mid-to back on track and help you out there and elegant direction, so that business success more with less, so you and thereafter it easy. Greatly improved this month, wealth, money is money, and partial harvest were slightly, but must guard against greed. Emotional dust settles, after the storm, even between lovers and sweet. Health has improved, but still have enough time to rest, to maintain the body's resistance.

    Seems like rat is not having a brilliant year but still there are some good thing will happen to rat. For the next few post will about the zodiacs. Stay tune....

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