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    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011: Rooster in the year 2011

    The rooster will encounter a lot of obstacles in work. Due to low popularity, you will be involved in verbal spats and will also be framed by others this year. Your work will not go well, money will be a major worry as well. It is recommended that you get to know more about financial management, be thrifty and do not break the law to earn quick money. Also, do not be a guarantor or lend money to others this year or you might get yourself involved in lawsuits. There will be a alot of ups and downs for your love life, expect some problems with your marriage. You will feel moody at times due to the pressure from work and you should seek medical advice if you are feeling unwell. Any delays will be bad for your health.

    Career :
    The over all fortune for the career of the rooster is bad. There will be a lot of right and wrong questions that will appear and you will suffer from a loss of mood due to poor human relations. As such, you should look towards having more group discussions and interactions during work to enhance interpersonal relationships. You should remain low key this year and do not be involved in disputes even if you do not agree with the others. Remain patient and calm when resolving any issues. Communicate more with your family and friends or take some time off to bring them out. Listening to their opinions and views is a great way to reduce stress and to calm yourself down.

    Wealth :
    There are signs that the rooster will suffer from financial loss this year. More often than not, you will spend excessively and your income and expenditure will be unbalanced. You must learn to manage your money well, try to cut costs and think twice before making any purchases. Self control is essential. Make an effort to save up on emergency funds. Also, you might be involved in a lawsuit due to money disputes so do not be a guarantor or lend money to others this year. It is also not recommended to make any investments or take part in any gambling activities this year.

    Love :
    As Rooster suffer from poor interpersonal relationships and frequent mood swings this year, it is easy for disputes to happy with your partner. Both parties must learn to be patient with each other, understand and care for each other to maintain the relationship. For those who are married, the marriage is prone to the intrusion of a third party, conflicts will happen and disputes will cause a breakdown of relationship. It is also recommended for the couple to understand and forgive each other, treasure the happy life that both of you are leading right now. For singles, it is better to think twice when choosing a partner, get to know the each other well to determine if he/she is your ideal partner. When in dilemma, seek opinions and views from the elders.

    Health is not ideal this year, the poor fortune will result in major stress when facing life. It is important to maintain cheerful and calm during this testing time to solve the problem. You will be easily nervous this year and suffer from insomnia. If you are feeling unwell, seek medical treatment promptly and get plenty of rest.

    1st Month :
    The Rooster will suffer from poor fortune in the first month of the year. Keep a low profile while at work and do not act rashly or you will risk getting into trouble. There will be a great amount of pressure coming from work but grit your teeth and endure this period of time to be rewarded at the end. Due to your poor popularity, you will make enemy easily and will often get into disputes. Average wealth for the month, but not recommended to make big investment, instead, use this month to start making investment plans. You will get involved with the opposite sex quite often so, be bold and do not waste the opportunity. Remember to exercise more this month to stay healthy.

    2nd Month :
    There will be a dip in fortune and there will be a lot of controversies at work. In the event that things go wrong, handle it promptly and carefully to avoid future trouble. Pay extra attention to the small details when handling documents and spot any loopholes that may be present. Wealth fortune took a turn to the worst, not only are there no money making opportunities, some mistakes may result in a loss of money. While away from home, take care of your valuables to avoid losing them or fall victim to theft. Love life is developing well this month, learn to treasure the hard-earned relationship that you have right now. Health wise, smokers should cut down on the amount they smoke per day to guard again cardio-pulmonary respiratory diseases.

    3rd Month :
    This month is the calm after the storm. Work is progressing well along with good work performance shown which will please yourself and your superiors. Wealth fortune has improved, the long planned investment plans can be executed this month as there results might be good. Love wise, do not start any disputes and there will be no concern to worry about. Communicate to understand more about each other. In the pink of health this month and do your best to maintain and lead the normal life routine

    4th Month :
    There is a slight change in fortune this month cause by some the obstruction of people with ill intent. Long term plans that should be carried out must be put on hold at the moment. Wealth fortune looks good, small-scale expansion and investment can be made, but think twice before making investments with great risk. Love wise, the crisis is still not fully resolved, you must show your sincerity and patience to change the heart of the other party. Health wise is not as good as last month's, you will suffer from occasional headaches and cold.

    5th Month :
    Fortune has slowly gotten better, especially in work. Work is progressing well smoothly and when an opportunity arise, act decisively and do not hesitate or you may regret letting the opportunity slip by. A change in fortune for wealth, do not make unnecessary investments. For married couples, be wary of a third party, both sides should communicate with an open heart to maintain the relationship. Do not wait until the situation gets out of hand before trying to salvage the relationship as it will be too late by then. Health wise, pay attention to your eating habits. This month is also a good month to travel.

    6th Month :
    This is a month of good fortune bee it in career or wealth. Work performance is improving and it is also a good time to start your own business. Investments within your means can be made as there is a high chance for it to be profitable. Love life is quite enriching, you will get involved with the opposite sex quite often and should appreciate the opportunity to cultivate feelings for each other. It is also a good time to start planning for marriage for those who are still single. The main concern for this month will be health, be wary of sharp objects and there is a possibility of falls.

    7th Month :
    Although the fortune this month is not a strong as last month's, it is still considered good as a nobility will appear to support you. Work difficulties will be reduced by a great deal so you do not need to worry too much. Wealth wise, revenue is stable but it is still difficult to accumulate wealth so this is not a good time for investments especially those with high risks. Making more plans for savings is the best way for financial management this month. Love wise, friction is inevitable but it is not serious. Communicate more and have more tolerance with each other will make everything back to normal again. Slight improvement in health but avoid over-eating to avoid causing damage to your stomach.

    8 Month :
    The fortune for this year is not ideal as you will encounter a lot of obstacles in work but you must remain calm when facing it. You will suffer from poor interpersonal relationships, be vigilant in work to avoid being framed. No great improvement for wealth fortune, not a good time to be involved in investments in new market and gambling. There will be a change for your love life especially for young females. They will meet a lot of guys this month so it is better to understand each other well before making any decision, do not judge a book by its cover. Poor health for this month, immune system is weak and suscepticle to diseases

    9th Month :
    Do not be aggressive in doing anything this month. There will be situations where things do not go smoothly in work. Resolve any issues that arise in work promptly and not delay it. Wealth fortune is picking up but is still not stable. So try not to be involved in any investments and gambling. Alot of ups and downs for your love life, small incidents will lead to arguments and due to a difference in opinions, married couple will have big disputes. Be patient with one another and communicate more to patch up the differences. Health wise, pay more attention to food hygiene, keeping in mind the possibility of a relapse. Medical attention must be prompt if you are feeling unwell.

    10th Month :
    Fortune has improved for this month. You will begin a new journey in your career and progress steadily. There is a considerable increase in wealth fortune and businessmen may wish to expand their market and expand their business for extra revenue. Love is poor for this month, you must communicate more to let the other party understand your view point to avoid friction. Health has improved but adequate rest is required to replenish your strength.

    11th Month :
    Due to the presence of an unlucky star, your fortune will be affected. Documents should be gone through and dealt with seriously and carefully to avoid a lack of understanding of the situation in the future. Wealth fortune has declined, not recommended to be involved in any investments as well as being a guarantor for other people who wish to borrow money. Love wise, remember that mutual tolerance is the key to an everlasting relationship. Singles should go with the flow, wait patiently for the right time and the right person to appear. Take good care of your health and do not drink excessively to avoid any health issues that may come along with it.
    12th Month :
    In the last month of the Rabbit year, there are still a number of obstacles in work for the rooster. Work progression will be slow, learn to deal with matters within your own capabilities, do not rush as it will cause further delays if you try to rush things. Wealth fortune is unstable, get to know more about financial management to allocate your expenditure rationally. After several months of depression in your love life, the depressing period is coming to an end at last. You can flip over a new chapter of your love life to start everything anew. Your health is not looking good this year so, take good care of yourself to avoid injuries to your hands and legs.


    1. hi jady,

      just a question, what is your reference to the first month, is it the first month of the gregorian calendar year or the chinese new year which is feb?
      thanks... your blog is very interesting by the way.


    2. I am a rooster, it seems all other years are bad and worst for me, is there any light at the end of tunnel for rooster at all? or i was born unlucky and should die unlucky!

    3. @Anonymous 1: It is base on the lunar calender.

      @Anonymous 2: Don't think negatively. You might have better luck in Dragon year just few months away. Hold on tight. What's went down must come up.

    4. I can't wait for this year to be over. Looking forward to 2012.

    5. its true! >> take it from the Roster here

    6. Looking back, most of what is written did happen. Others were spot on. Wish i found this blog sooner. What happens to rooster in 2012?


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!