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    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011: Snake in the year 2011

    In the Year of the Rabbit for the snake there will some obstacles, especially with evil star showing up this year, you may have unlucky fate that will brings you monetary problem. This year you have to control yourselves in term of investing and do not go into business easily with anyone. You should be paying good attention to your health, you may find it difficult to focus or feeling lethargic easily which may lead to emotional instability and may fall into easily dispute easily. You should rest more, to prevent from getting distracted at work or in love. It is best that you do not engage in any gossip to avoid from getting into trouble. For the snake individual this year, it is suggested that you avoid attending any funeral ceremony to avoid from affecting your fortune.

    For the snake, work is at your disadvantage this year. You should keep conservative, if you have any plan to go work overseas or change a job; it is not a good time to implement this year. Despite having issue at work, it is still not too difficult to resolve them, as long as you stay positive and continue working towards your goal, you will definitely be able to overcome them. Since this year, you are bound to encounter problem at work and no nobility for assistant. You should keep low profile and be patient. You should make effort in your social skill and communication with your superior and colleague this year, you may therefore be able to get some help from it.

    This year, the snake may be an easy prey that can led to financial problem. You notice that not only there is no nobility assistant, there can be some villains out there that may affect your judgment, which may cause you monetary loss. Therefore you should be careful when doing business with anyone or even avoid making any business deal to avoid property disputes. Be careful and keep a good lookout on your valuable whenever you go out to avoid theft. You should also be aware on your earning and avoid splurging unnecessarily. Wealth is average, avoid gambling or making any risk investment.

    In the Year of the Rabbit, the snake individual will experience numerous mood swings. Sometime too emotional that may cause it difficult your partner to endure. There will be frequent argument that may affect the loving couple. Couples should get along with each other with more patient and understanding to help resolve any crisis. the time when an argument from first to find the reasons, early crisis will not resolve the feelings of the more depression worse. Unmarried person seem to be vulnerable towards other interference. Therefore if you have someone you like, do not get too affected by what other says or do.

    There is an instability flow in your fortune, work, wealth and love that may cause you to feel lethargic and stressful. You should maintain relax mentally and find time to rest or you may consider making travel plan with your family. Despite traveling is a good form to relax and enhance your emotion. You should be careful with food hygiene, avoid cold food, so as not to cause gastrointestinal infections. Avoid going to any funeral ceremony.

    1st Month:
    The first month for the year of Rabbit, the snake fortune is good. Work is well, despite disputes occasionally between colleagues, but as long as you know how to communicate with each other, conflicts will be able to resolve smoothly. Wealth is good, you may carefully select some projects for investment, and there can be good return. Do not be greedy and once u sees the gain, you would have to make a step back. Love luck is shining well, but do not be too fickle mind. Health is good, but you should also ensure enough rest and take sufficient health supplement. Do not get involve with alcohol consumption.

    2nd month:
    The flow for your fortune this month is huge, in all aspects, there is plenty of instability. Everything is calm and slow, there is no specific improvement. Therefore you may consider to retreat for the time being. At work, you may want to pay attention to your environment instead of working blindly to prevent any villains’ interference. Wealth is average, be caution and careful with any investment to prevent from any monetary loss. You should also be thriftier for this month. You may also neglect your partner due to excessive work commitment; therefore you should find some companion time for your love ones.

    3rd month:
    Fortune to increase this month, the cause of a turnaround, work can be successfully implemented as planned, step by step, also has a substantial performance increase, it is necessary to take advantage of this opportunity. There will be a job performance growth, and also good monetary income. But there are time that you may miss out on making a financial plan, you may use your hard-earned money and invest in a risky projects. Therefore you should not overdo thing to avoid losing everything. This month, health is prone to digestive discomfort, be careful with your diet. Love luck is very weak this month; villains provoke argument between lovers constantly. You need to learn patience and understanding for each other.

    4th month:
    This month, there seem a significant decline in the snake fortune, you will be working with numerous difficulties, you must be careful and vigilance to avoid losing all your effort made. Do not give up easily or lost faith, make more communication with colleagues and supervisors will help resolve problem. Health is acceptable, but the heavy business would lead to insomnia issue, therefore you should get more rest. And make sure you do not neglect your partner. Show more concern and understanding.

    5th month:
    Fortune this month for the snake gets better, wealth is smooth and there may be good income but it is difficult to keep the monetary gain therefore you should have a habit to save and avoid large-scale investment. Work is not particularly successful, mainly in the processing document may be prone to problem; therefore you should be more cautious while handling such. You should be meticulous when dealing with your work, do not be too rush even when workload is heavy. Unmarried individual have a good progress with their relationship but it is still not a good time to get make any married plan. This month you may need to pay more attention to subtle changes occur in your body, cautious with flu, as well as the possibility of relapse.

    6th month:
    Fortune this month turn better, the busy period is put to a stop. Hard work made from before seem to reap good return, result is positive and there is a great performance ahead. You will feel satisfied with yourselves this month; there may be a good chance for making extra profit. Look around for the numbers around you; you may bring you winning chance. Love luck is good and blossom well. There will be many opportunity to meet someone desire. This month for the snake, you may encounter accident; therefore you have to be aware of your safety when you go out, especially in the night. Make sure you have someone to keep you company, do not travel alone.

    7th month:
    Fortune this month began to be in a very unstable state, work progress also do not seem to be as smooth as the previous month, especially with competitors intrusion that may cause many obstacles at work that makes it difficult for you to meet your target. You communicated more with your supervisor and colleagues, in order to develop a much better environment for working relationship to achieve your desirable result. Wealth is weak, financial income is unstable and must not indulge in gambling, or any large-scale investment. Love luck is good, unmarried individual may find a good time to make marriage plan. Do not overwork, and sacrifice your resting time to avoid falling sick.

    8th month:
    You may seem to be struggling with many issues one after another this month, which can cause you to feel stressful and bad mood. Relationships with colleagues and family are not good. You may more likely to get into a cold war with your partner. It is advisable that you keep calm and cool as much as you can this month, to lift yourselves up to prevent any crisis. You are bound to be cheated and have monetary loss this month, but lucky to have a nobility person by your side that save you from falling into the trap. Do not be too easily convinced by others in making deal. Health is much better this month, avoid crowded places and guard against influenza infection.

    9th month:
    Fortune is average this month; there do not seem to have any much change at work. However, you may face some personal changes that may cause you some worries and issues. Wealth is weak; there is no good income add-on. You are not suitable to do any large-scale and risk taking investment. Career is not satisfactory and you may have pressure that brings you health burden. You should be more careful and make sure you have a good monitoring with yourselves. Love luck is good this month, you get to meet more people and may get into a a few dates but do not be overly expose to prevent unnecessary trouble.

    10 month:
    Fortune gets better this month for the snake. There is improvement at work, seize the good opportunity to improve performance. You should work with sincerity and effort to win everyone’s support. Wealth luck is also doing well, business will boom, minimum investment made is fine. Singles may find that there will be argument between one another, therefore keep calm and patience to prevent breakup. Health has much improved, you will feel much more refresh and energize. Try to avoid nighttime activities, to maintain good energy.

    11th month:
    Moving to the end year for the snake, work may not be too smooth for you, but you should stay calm at all time when handling on the problems. You should stay at your work regardless any problem you have, hang on to it and avoid any thought to change job, it is not a conducive time to do so. There is sign of theft for the snake this month; therefore, you should be careful with your valuables. You should remember to lock all doors and windows when heading out. Singles are advice to be careful with bad romance. Married couple should be more aware of each other feeling this month to prevent a third party intrusion. There will not be much issue with your health this month; you will have to need to observe a good personal hygiene.
    12th month:
    Approaching the last month of the year of rabbit, career and fortune is seem to be good. You will have a good relationship with your colleagues at work. Good interpersonal social skill can be a great help to you in your career development. You get good regard from the bosses and may get a chance for pay raise. Fortune is good, you may conduct several form of investment but you will have to make a comprehensive market research before moving into it. Love will brings you surprise; singles may take the chance to grab this good opportunity to express your love for someone. In term of your health, you will have to pay extra attention while driving for all drivers. 


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