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    Friday, November 19, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011: Tiger in the year 2011

    Tiger's friends are just gone through the Zodiacal Year's fortune, fortune in the Year of the Rabbit fortune will pick up, but it’s still in the average region. There may be some obstacles in the work aspect, there is a will, but not the strength but you do not need to worry too much because there seem to have a honored personin the star palace to lend a hand. That will help solve may problems. This year to make a point to improve relationships, you will have to keep low profile, this will prevent any villains any chance to find fault. Poor physical health, which may affect the conduct of your work, pay attention to traffic safety, prevent accident Xueguang. Luck may not be good with the opposite sex, you may feel emotional instability which may leads to disagreement with your partner.

    After a downturn in your work from last year, you will now get some retreat and luck seem rising, issue that you have yet to complete from last year will be able to resolve this year. In your career run this year, you will get honored person that will give you the correct direction at the appropriate time. Business development this year can said to be smooth, grand plans to be carry out, but in between of all the plans you made you will somehow still get obstruction from the villains that may cause you to be slightly under perform than the expected result. So this year for the tiger, while you enjoy the good luck, you will also need to carefully deal with some unexpected changes.

    Luck is good, you will get help whenever you need it and many opportunities will come your way by the honoured nobility person. You will get appreciation from the bosses, your effort will be notice and naturally the effort will be paid off. Especially for people dealing with business, you can get inspiration to make money easily simply by what others said, do not miss the opportunity. But this year is also prone to the gaining and losing easily, so do not pay money to do meaningless. In term of speculation or stock trading you will need to careful and deal with a reasonable amount in the sense of proportion, do not exert full input. Be careful of your valuable, in order to avoid loss.

    Luck love is good for unmarried men and women. In the Year of the Rabbit, luck with the opposite sex is relatively strong, popularity rise for the individual, good opportunity for the single pal to find a partner. For the attached, you may encounter disputes, but in the end it can solved peaefully and increase mutual understanding that leads to more sweeta nd warm emotional life. However, for the the married couple, you may tend to be more vulnerable to argument, and also do not seem to quickly resolve conflicts that may lead to create friction, suggest that the pair to show more understanding and make neccessary effort to help improve their relationship.

    This year for the tiger there seem to have some evil luck in the health aspect. Pay extra attention to the traffic and when dealing with sharp tools. Should pay attention to physical aspects of cold, and gastrointestinal diseases, which may leads to surgery for serious circumstances. For the female, you will have to know how to relieve stress, prevent kidney and gynecological diseases. To conclude the health status for the Tiger, pay lot of attention to your health, any discomfort should consult a doctor immediately,  give yourself some rest time and attention to maintenance, drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables.

    1st Month:
    Year of the Rabbit's first month, it is on a average luck for the tiger.  You may encounter several problem at work, with all the hipcup you may find it difficult to complete work on schedule. But all the more, you have to pay extra attention when dealing with important document to avoid mistake. With loss of earnings in the wealth area, not suitable for investment, especially speculative risk category. Love luck is flat, find time to spend with your family and love ones. This month to pay attention when driving and avoid alchohol intake. Do some exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    2nd Month:
    You may get to received a decent good income this month, but difficult to accumulate wealth, the overhead is relatively big, also you should also pay attention to poor physical condition, susceptible to diseases, which may lead to money loss. You may experience a lost of prpoerty such as your wallet may get stolen. Work does not go well which may upset your working relationshio between colleagues and supervisiors. You must learn to control your temper, to avoid verbal damage.  Relatioship with your partner may have some quarrels, suggest to spend more time to show more understanding for each other and strength communication. Also to trust each other at all time.

    3rd Month:
    There is a rise in fortune this month, the pressure for work is seem to ease down, as long as there is a persistent, you will see the end light and reach your goal. Source of resouces greatly increase with the rise of fortune, if there is chances for investment as long as the selection is firm up with good view, there will be a very good return. Good wealth luck that may brings you expected good income. You must pay attention to your love life this month, avoid the intrusion of third party. Health will improve, but avoid over-work and find enough time to rest and relax.

    4th Month:
    Fortune is on the average, career luck will enhance, greatly improve at work, supervisors and colleagues will give you a lot of support, so tasks can be carried out steadily, but this month you will need to control yourselves to avoid controversial issue. You have to resolve your problem as soon as possible to avoid compilation of uneccessary issue. Prone to gaining and losing of wealth, you have to pay attention on your finance and have a good financial management. It could be due to your carelessness that leads to violation ticket. Love luck is good, if meet with someone of your interest, you may find a chance to express yourselves.

    5th Month:
    Fortune this month is filled with ups and downs, work progression is smooth. But do not allow victory to muddle with your brain. You have to act rationally and avoid quarrel at all means. Keep low profile as much as you can to avoid jealousy or villains attack. Wealth is not bad, you may have the chance to be strike gold, therefore you may go ahead investment and speculation. Love luck is fair, spend more time with your family to help improve on relationship. Suggest that you be more careful this month physically to avoid bruises especially for those whose engaged in hazardous work friends.

    6th Month:
    There seem to be a fall in fortune this month. You may need to be more cautious at work due to some changes that will occur unexpectedly. If you find that there are some problem, you may have to act fast and accordingly. It is advisable to be well-prepare. Wealth is also prone to issue such as unexpected expenses. Suggest that you may learn to properly save money and avoid unnecessary overhead. Investment is not recommend this month, so moderation is good. Health us poor, you may experience insomnia, leading to inability to concentrate, pay attention to safety and avoid any water activities. Love luck this month is shining, you may find that there are many admirers, which seem to cause you to feel overwhelmed. Singlehood may take some time to pick someone that may interest you.

    7th Month:
    Fortune for this month continue to decline, career progession is slow mainly due to the violation cause by the villains around you. Many preplan tasks seem to be incomplete., therefore suggest that you put in extra effort to help improve the situation. Spending this month has an increase, be mindful of your income, reduce expenditure, and minimize expenses. Due to your work pressure, you should pay more attention to your health, avoid health risks, leading to diseases.
    You may meet some accident this month therefore suggest that you be very careful. In term of your relationship, you should show more care and concern to your partner, problem may arise due to decrease in communication with each other.

    8th Month:
    Fortune this month do not have any specific incline or decline. But compare to the previous month, there is a significant improvement, you will experience peace and harmony between working partners and colleaugues. Get back on track this month, may give you a raise or promotion possibilities. Wealth seem to increase, may be appropriate to invest, but substantially, do not be greedy otherwise may lead to regret. Poor health caused by busy work schedule, you may feel lethargic, and experience headaches. Marital relationship have not recover from fight and quarrel last month, therefore more commication between the two of you is suggested.

    9th Month:
    This month career will be smooth sailing, as long as you stay patience, make a good plan and not goes beyond one’s bounds, you should be able to see some development. But if you need to deal with major investment, you must have a very good plan. You could also express your best ability in the financial management, pay attention to your saving, focusing on cost-cutting plan. Stay away from rumours and gossips, to avoid quarrels with others which may lead to unnecessary trouble. Due to many quarrels and disagreement between couple, there may be intention for separation/breakup therefore it is proposed to Tiger men and women to think carefully before making a decision. You may be over exahusted and health can be affected. Avoid staying up late in the night.

    10th Month:
    There is a decline in fortune, increase of workload which may cuase you to feel in a flurry. You must enhace your ability to deal with the problem you face, as long as you put in effort and energy, there is good chances for you to achieve your goal. For the monetary aspect, is normal, do not deal with risky investment, to avoid financial burden. Love luck with the opposite sex is not good, singlehood to be more conscious and have extra effort. This is month your health condition may have some issue especially for the elderly, all the more you have to pay close attention to your mental, physical condition,  and  also prevent a fall or a slip.

    11th Month:
    This month's fortune continue to go downward, mainly due to the interference of the villians, that may cause probem to all your hard work. For whatever you do, suggest that you consider carefully in advance, especially during this period of time. You should be pay more attention with your interpersonal relationship, enhance colleagues relationship. Fortune is weak, be careful to prevent loss of valuable items, and not get involve with investment. You have to find more rest time, seek treatment immediately if you feel any unwell. Relationship and love is weak, for the married couple there may be some argument. Pay close attention and control your emotion.

    12th Month:
    On the last month of the year, you start to see a regain in vitality in your career. With nobility guardian to assist you, you will gain some help to resolve your issues.  Due to your busy schedule, you may encounter some problem with your health. You may take more time to rest and watch your eating habits. Wealth do not seem to improve, avoid gambling and any form of investment to be extra cautious to avoid funds being immobilize. The attached may face some problem therefore suggest to have trust and understanding for each other.

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