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    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    Feng Shui 2011: Dragon in the year 2011

    This year for the dragon, you seem to gain many lucky star plus the evil star is minimize. Therefore this is a good year ahead for you. There will be many nobility that will come to you, advance performance at work but there will be damage cause by some people around. You should make more communication with others and improve interpersonal relationship, career development will be more favorable. For the business people, you will get the chance to meet honored person's support, wealth is very smooth, you can see a return on your investment. Love life is smooth, sweet and warm. Health need to prone to insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort or breathing problems. To avoid funeral this year.

    This year work get easier and more efficient for the dragon. Together from your efforts and supports from others, you will be able to receive fame and fortune in the Year of the Rabbit, things get extremely well. But sometimes when you get extremely well and smooth, you may seem to inevitably provoke jealousy and destruction, so when dealing with colleagues you should be more humble to avoid people from thinking that you are over the top and bring down your good deeds. For those that are into investment, you will be able to gain some good progress but do not take it too lightly from your own success, you will still need to listen and take advise from people around you.

    In the Year of the Rabbit's, fortunes steadily goes upward, good income, but because the health status of this year is not ideal, resulting in health issues that may cause you to spending too much, missed a lot of money making opportunity. This year you must learn financial management, at the wealth of good times, you also do not spend too much money. You should be cautious and save for a rainy day. For people in the financial sector, you may encounter some issue with monetary upon meeting the villains in the field. You have to always study clearly before making a decision. In addition, you should not be a gurantor this year in order to avoid loss of money.

    Love luck is good this year, especially the single men and women you will very likely meet someone deseirable, you can take part in more social activities, give yourself more opportunities. But marriage matter, you may not deal with it too easily, have clear discussion with each other and make sure that you have good understanding and patience for each other's character and personality, not by the first impression to impulsive decisions, otherwise there would be more trouble. For the attached, relationship is smooth and warm. If you can make more effort to add more sparks for the couple will be good.

    In the Year of the Rabbit, the dragon will be in need of attention in the health situation, because this resistance is weak, prone to problems, therefore there is a need for you to be cautious on your diet and exercise more, with special attention to gastrointestinal problems, you should be careful with what you eat. Do not take the uncooked food to avoid stomach upset. For those that drive, you should pay attention to traffic safety, in order to avoid Xueguang disaster. Female dragon individual health is not ideal, with particular attention to gynecological diseases, go for examination on a regular basis, early detection, early treatment by the doctor.

    1st month:
    The first month of Year of the Rabbit can be said to be happy, prosperous, wealth, career and love in a very smooth operation. To make things easier, obstacles encountered can be resolved smoothly, but do not cling to make achievements and disregard own health. You should make sure to get an early night, to guard against overwork and damage to health, or contrary, it will drag on progress. Good fortune this month, more conducive in investment, good to do short-term investments, long-term investment needed to study make a decision. For unmarried men and women, this month is a good time to talk about your marriage, such as sharing each other thoughts and making plan together.

    2nd Month:
    Sudden reversal of fortune this month, unhappy things happen one after another, must be psychologically prepared. Heavy work pressure may be tiring and stressful. There may seem a sudden increase in the number of villians and many fault this month. You are advise to stay low profile, and do not participate in any gossip. Poor health, you must pay close attention to food hygiene, beware of gastrointestinal diseases. Financial difficulties this month, therefore you should more careful when going out, to prevent theft, unwarranted or even bankruptcy.

    3rd month: In the third month of the Year of the Rabbit, the dragon's fortunes continued to decline, you may encounter several obstacles at work, the cause of development is very negative, you have to continue to work hard, so as not to cause stagnation, but also beware of someone playing tricks in the background. Wealth is unstable, document or any form of written piece to be carefully review to prevent errors caused by loss of fiscal accounts. Health care need to be careful, pay attention to health care, eat less fried food, to develop the good habit of healthy eating. Love life is good, you should be spending more effort to cultivate each other feelings.

    4th Month: Slowly getting better in your fortune and wealth, but you must make sure you work on your own to achieve and secure the desired results. Career luck is on the average, you may still encounter some obstacles, so be careful when handle business. This month the most important thing to do is to improve relationships, communicate with colleagues in order to have your next job goes in a smooth progress. Love luck is blossom strong, smooth sailing, you should take the opportunity to treat each other better. But still no improvement in health, you need to pay attention to food hygiene.

    5th Month:
    Fortune increased, especially in your career, compared to last month, there is a great turning point. But avoid being too overwhelming, there will be smooth development and implementation process at work, you should make good use of talents, so as to reverse all the adverse situations in order to get good grades. Wealth can be expected this month, there  seem to be a easy way to make money in investment. For the regular investor, you can consider investing in real estate industry, there is room to make money. Love luck is good, but there will be people that may interfere, therefore both love ones should maintain a firm attitude, mutual trust, then it will not be too much problem. When traveling around, you must make sure to pay attention to your safety, and avoid water sport.

    6th month:
    The good fortune from last month did not hold too long for this month, there seem a sudden reversal of fortune, a lot of potential problems seem to occur. When face with problem, you must have the courage to face reality and start early resolution to resolve difficulties. Work is not well, there are villains out for destruction, therefore you should keep low profile, avoid gossip and do not get involve with others problem to avoid any further complications. Marriage do not go well, married couples may be some feelings of conflict, you should be treasure each other more. Singles luck is average, stay patience and relax. Poor body resistance, susceptibility to disease, should get more exercise to stay healthy.

    7th month:
    This month fortune increases from the previous month, as long as the intention for you to work hard and have the effort for career development, it will be smooth and you can get back on track fast. Despite work moving smoothly, you should be personally in control with everything, especially related to the document processing, you should be handling it all by yourselves, to prevent a loophole problems. There will be certain aspects of the wealth gains and opportunities, but taking risk for investment should be avoid. Love luck for the single is good this month, things get sweet and warm Health this month, you should pay attention to take more rest, to prevent over-fatigue.

    8th month: Fortune turn for the better, love luck blossom more vigorous, singles seem to easily get to meet with the opposite sex this month. But you may sometime need to remain calm and avoid impulse decision that may brings you some problem. For the attached, you may encounter some third party intrusion therefore the face of the temptation to keep a cool head. Booming business operation, careful management will be a good development for the grand plans as a good time to invest in profitable. Be aware and sensitive for the accumulation of wealth for future use. No serious health issue this month, but need to pay attention to food hygiene.

    9th month:
    This month there will be some problems at work, the main problem is handling interpersonal relationship, there will be villains that may cause damage, and stir up the relationship between you and others, recommend that the dragonto stay away from gossip. Wealth poor, although some income, but wealth is difficult to accumulate, so be careful with your financial management, do not waste all costs to avoid economic problems. Emotionally good progress, unmarried couples to spend some thought to cultivate their feelings, do not miss the happy match, married couples love life proceeds smoothly. Health is not very satisfactory, advise to rest and recuperate, so as not to overwork.

    10th month:
    There seem to still have many obstacles, should be calm and deal with the slightest mistake, to prevent from leading to out of control. When meet with problem, you should get assistant from people around you to resolve it together to prevent the matter from getting bigger. Average wealth for this month, pay more attention to cost savings, if the over-consumption will affect the money lost, so the savings should be appropriate, being prepared to deal with business opportunities within your capabilities, large investment projects, in particular to be careful. Good health, be more attentive to health supplement to maintain your health. Quiet family life, marital relations sweet, chances for the single to meet someone.

    11th month:
    Mixed good and bad fortune this month, particularly a need to beware of health. You may have the possibility of relapse, usually to observe the slightest discomfort should promptly seek medical attention. Business is average in general, business to be carefully handle and do not overlook to prevent loss of money, in short, the conduct of all matters to be taken step by step, it will not appear too much a problem. Wealth is well, especially the financial side, there will be a substantial amount of income, so you pleasantly surprised. Sweet as always, love life, especially friends in love, mutual caring, warming up the feelings of both.

    12th month:
    Year of the Rabbit last month, fortune luck is turning very well for the dragon, a lot of resistance will be fully resolve. The stressful problem from before will all be swept away. It is a good opportunity to stride forward, for success of the appreciation. Investor or business individual, business booming, but also know how to make good use of your wealth, learn wealth management, cash flow flexibility, the business can be a long time. Health has improved, you should take more rest and exercise. Relationship is well, marriage planning may goes into action.

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