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    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    Jady's dark cloud

    I am inspired by my readers, thank you. And my friends, thank you very much.

    As you can see my updates are irregular now, I am sorry as I started my job which begins early in the morning at 9 till 6 in the evening. That's not the worst part, I need to fight through the traffic after work from PJ to Seri Kembangan which nearly takes an hour each day.

    Last 2 weeks ago, my eldest daughter, Alicia was very ill and was admitted to hospital due to high fever. As a beginner mother, I had a hard time taking care of her in the hospital and of course, too much of emotional as well. And now, thanks God that she recovered after took me for a roller coaster ride. That's not all, and now, my youngest daughter, Alison is ill as well. Luckily, after a good lesson from Alicia's illness, I learned that I should stock up all the medicine, and throw away my stupid thermometer which state 35.6 degree when the actual heat was at 39.2 degrees. Dangerous! I took precaution this time round and make sure that her heat is not over 38 degrees. Thanks to caring hubby who non-stop measuring the temperature. She is still having fever now, I guess it must be virus infection like what Alicia used to had. And I refused to take her to any doctor as my previous lesson told me that, is useless anyway!

    The other dark side that I am encounter right now is my business. I think UK is having terrible time and let's not interfere in their business. I am thinking of starting my very own business over here, in Malaysia. To be realistically, I need lots of cash and yes, money is the issue. I think I'll be better off if all my supporters will click on the adverts, (I was just kidding!).

    One last thing, I think my health is deteriorating, am I getting old or what? bone aching almost everyday. and almost everyday, I have stomach problem. What had happened to me?

    Nothing new on my job. Job is fun when I do not have too much of work to do and not too little work to do as well. I am doing on few project assessments and that helps me a lot on learning about Malaysia's market. I can't wait till the year of rabbit. OK, at least, no more feng shui thing until godknowswhen. I think many of us do not like feng shui like I do, my unique visitors drop tremendously. So, I better stop now. and yea, will update you guys soon! And yes, I miss you too, Hooi Nee and Ronnie, I wish I have time to chat with you guys. Cya!

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    1. Gosh.. u are getting old !!
      Buy a good digital thermometer, c'mon... u can buy such an expensive toy !.. Braun thermoscan thermometer can scare you because the reading shows very high one (somesort can reach till 40). Do take care of your kids... wat business u tend to invest ??


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!