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    Monday, November 1, 2010

    Kids at Carrefour

    Is my fourth week of work today. I am gradually getting used to working life. I am now able to manage both my personal life and also my work life. Is not easy to able to take care of the family while earning some moolah outside. However, I am making sure that I am able to come home and cook for my hubby, manage my home business as well as ensuring my babies have got good food to eat, always. They are eight months old today. Grown much bigger than the last time you see them. Probably it is time for me to post some pictures of them soon. They started to speak a lot now, of course, in their baby language; learning how to crawl and shout and scream at their mummy and daddy when insisting of wanting something. It is amazing how barely half a meter babies have grown so much. And yea, they are my biggest joy in my life. They are the one who entertain tired mummy after a long day of work.

    Talking about my babies just reminded what I had saw in carrefour the last Saturday. I never had to fight through the crowd to get my groceries done before I started working so I have never been to Carrefour on a Saturday afternoon. Last Saturday was horrendous to me. While I was thinking which Tuna can I should buy, I saw this boy playing with his basketball in the alley. I was like WTF? Why at the first place would his mom allow him to bring that nuisance ball along to shopping? I then realize that the Carrefour price tag was still on the ball. That answer everything. But that's not the point, why didn't his mom stopped him? Later, I come across another boy who is riding a bicycle in the shop and almost bang into me and my babies. That really freaked me out when I saw the big ass bike. My gosh.... what kind of parents are these??? Seriously, I need to teach both my daughters properly and I do not want them to turn out like these. Using things from shop like a free rider!

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