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    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    Last Christmas I gave you your hearts, the very next year you took mine away

    This is Jady Cloud reporting....

    The Real Jady Cloud reporting.

    This time round, I just want to say two things.

    Last Christmas my mummy gave me my heart, and now it almost new year 2011 already. I had a blast of a time. Thank you Mummy for giving birth to me!!! Thanks dad for ermm......donating your ....ermm.....genes to me.

              Christmas 2009. Can you see me, i am the one inside the 
    white dress next to the teddy bear!!!  

    Oh Daddy Kool!!!

    What a wonderful year it has been for me and my twin sister. I have been travelling up and down KL and visiting relatives. It is always good to spend time with our loved ones.

    This Christmas I have been kinda busy helping my mummy with her new business. In case you dont know, my mummy just started her own baby business boutique and I am going to start modelling soon!!! I cant hardly wait. Please check my kawaii pics out at

     (Please remind my mummy to pay me my modelling fees. Cash only!!!!!!)

    Wishing you all a wonderful and exciting new year!!!  Adios.

    Keep on smiling!!!

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