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    Friday, February 18, 2011

    Happy 3rd Valentine's Day together!

    We have been together almost 3 years now and have not been celebrating any valentine's day together. For the last 2 valentine's day we always ended up quarrel and I thought to myself that this year gonna be another valentine's day. But NO! Finally he made an effort to change the trend. Well, that's definitely good for me.

     He came back to pick me up for the 'surprise' I found a bunch of flower and a packet of hersey's  sitting on the passenger sit. Hmmm.... at least I receive some flower this year. 

    And then he told me to be patient. He then brought me to the Trader's hotel. Is a five star hotel but that's not the point. He actually bought me to the roof top, Sky Bar. It is very interesting bar, I would say. It has a swimming pool in the middle of the bar and during the day, the swimming pool is for the in-house guest to swim while during the nights, it is a bar. That's cool is it? The bar overlook the KLCC and the whole KL scenery. I can wait to show you the pictures.  (Opps... I hate myself of not bringing my proper camera for taking pictures in such a memorable night, so excuse my pictures.)

    Here you goes:

    That's not all, we then went to the Ship for our dinner. We got a bit tipsy by then. 

    see our drunk face?

    And then.... we ended up having continental breakfast in the Grand Millennium Hotel 

    My exhausted look. 

    I have to skipped the part... my night in Grand Millennium Hotel. Hehe...

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