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    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    Jady is back again!

    From out of space....

    So sorry dear readers. I guess, I have been too busy to even write a single thing in my blog. No, I did not forget you as my loyal readers but I was just too busy. Guess what, I have officially quit my job. Thanks God! I have done it. 3 weeks ago, I wrote a nice resignation letter to my boss telling him the problem I am facing in the office but I was too silly. I know it won't help. And yet, I believe my boss could do something and I took back my resignation letter but this time, I have done it for sure.

    There are a few reasons I decided to leave.

    1. Remember the 31st December 2010 when our beloved prime minister announced it as a public holiday? Guess what we as a professional valuers have got only a half off. And that my boss call it as 'lenient'. What's the worse thing was I went to work and got scolded from one of my supervisor who thought that I was late. In face I was actually went for an inspection. FML....

    2. I was called to resign by my supervisor in front of my colleague. Well, it was started with a joke and ended up in a furious conversation. That sucks big thing. And you know what, I quit just for F*** sake.

    3. I realised  that as a master degree graduated student, I was much more underpaid than a diploma graduated student who only pick up the phones in the office and do nothing much in the office. Probably one good reason for the boss to increase her salary was she has worked with the boss for 2-3 years??!!

    4. Our boss is so stingy! I won't say something like this if it is not serious! But this freaking boss is not giving out bonus until like end of the year. Only give a RM20 of ang pow, no annual dinner and etc. But, hey when we organize a personal annual dinner, the boss will come and join us. After finishing the food he will then pat his ass and leave. Expecting us to pay for his portion. This boss sucks!

    I think these 4 reasons is good enough for me to leave the company. If I were to continue, I am afraid this whole blog is about my boss and his wife. Thanks Allah that I leave now. And ... I am looking for a new job now!!!


    1. Jady, i love ur blog. it's very real, very genuine. i love reading blogs that contains real life story, mix emotions, the pain and joy in life. it's very inspiring :) keep it up!

    2. Sad to hear that...anyway, nice to have you back on your feet !


    Thank you for your cloud-ic comments!